Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deadlight: please come to me

I have a thing for side scrollers. Especially modern day side scrollers like Shank and Shadow Complex. I also really like horror side scrollers (shocker!) In fact, when I got my hands on the latest Splatterhouse game my favorite parts were the side scrolling sections (Even though a lot of people hated them)

The last great horror side scroller I played was a little gem called Lone Survivor, a mad survival horror game by indie developer Jasper Byrne.

Well just the other day Spanish game studio Tequila Works released their side scrolling Zombie game: Deadlight, which is alos billed as a survival horror game.What's interesting about Tequila work is that the studio is made up of former devs from Blizzard Entertainment, MercurySteam Entertainment, Pyro Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Weta Digital. o_O

It's been a while since a zombie game got me excited and though Deadlight hasn't gotten universal acclaim, it looks and plays like some thing I really wanna have.

The game follows the journey of one Randell Wayne who is out to brave a zombie apocalypse to look for his missing daughter. so it's not the most original plot - but stuff that it's a zombie game!

Check out this awesome gameplay vid with one of the developers commentating - it showcases the game a lot better than its trailer, which is still worth a look at though if you dig this vid.

  I really love the art style of it, like a more detailed Limbo.

Sadly the game is only out exclusively on Xbox Live at the moment, and though I have a 360  (my second one), the damn thing likes to be very temperamental. Meaning sometimes it turns on and other times it wants to be a douche and play "red ring."

So I don't wanna risk buying this on the xbox live in case my 360 dies completely.

Please bring this bad boy to Windows Live - if not PSN. PLEASE!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dead Space 3 Interview: Game Mechanics

An interview with Dead Space 3 Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis on the games mechanics. Including how there won't be any competitive Multipayer - thank god!

After watching I'm actually a little more excited about Dead Space 3 - it kinda sounds like two game experiences in one.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slender: Impressions

Here's a video of my Girl friend and I checking out the Indie Horror game Slender.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am the Lizard king!

Okay folks - for those of you who don't know - this year at the Fiji Hibiscus Festival I will be running as Mr FBC 2012 amongst the King Contestants.

I never thought I'd ever be in anything like this. Normally I take part in things that involves my work being judged; video editing, maybe drawing or writing, but to be up on a stage to put my character out there to be seen and judged is something strange to me. 

This might sound strange because I've had a radio show and I'm on TV as well, so people are seeing me and judging me all the time, but on my radio show the main focus was the music while on TV the focus is on the films I talk about. This time the focus shifts to me personally.

I got into this about three weeks ago and it's been an interesting journey ever since. I sought of had an idea in my head about how this whole thing would go down, but after meeting the other contestants and going through the training and rehearsals, I've come to see the whole thing a lot differently.

Every contestant needs to advocate something. This can be anything from a social issue or concern to a personal subject that the contestant think needs addressing. The build up for this has brought my attention to certain issues and concerns that I have never really thought about before and that's been a great learning experience for me so far. So in away I've started looking at it as less of me pushing myself on stage, and more of pushing my message and my sponsor.

The theme for this years Hibiscus Festival aims to highlight the dangers of Non communicable diseases and my message in relation to this is doing things through Moderation and Balance.

One cool thing was that last week the other Kings and I took part in a project which saw us cleaning up a health centre. Not to sound like a douche, but at the start of this year I actually did wanna do more things that sort of "gave back" to the community

O gawd I do sound like a douche 

I really am glad I got into this and I really hope to continue with a lot of the things I'm learning. Through the various coordinators and speakers I've come to learn about a lot of groups and projects that I feel I could really contribute to.
Sadly I can't discuss in great detail all the things I've been involved in because of a contract I had to sign, but I will be posting things whenever I can, and when it comes to events and things I'll try to Tweet as much as I can too.

It has been a really fun experience so far though because part of the perks is that you actually do feel like a King. The vibe at the office has been great and I'm even getting suits made for me and fancy shoes bought for me. Plus on my personal info sheet my list of hobbies included: watching horror movies, playing video games and reading up on war history, if I get luck maybe I could tell the judges about how much I love Evil Dead 2.

And now here's the promotional idea I hope FBC goes with:

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