Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Spore Creature


A fun alien race that is able to reanimate dead tissue, mutating it into ferocious eating dance machines.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Feed

This was the first concept I did for the 'Worms' from one my comics called 'They Feed"

In the comic... people started changing into crazy mutant zombies. Later on our heroes find out that it's because of these worms. They would latch on to the back of peoples necks and then distort their bodies into weird killing machines. This would kill the human 'host' and give the worms a body to walk around in. As time passes the body would mutate even further, soon the human aspect of the body was almost non-existent... and all we had were freaky looking alien things.

The worms also had a sort of hive mind... coming across one of them would alert the others.

Yeah... I don't know why I didn't finish it either :(

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Les Zombies!

Ah ze French.

I remember I used to love my French classes in high school...even though I never really got it. Id spend most of the time clowning around in the back with one of my buddies, which lead to hilarious out bursts from my French teacher Misour Michell.

But even though he yelled at us every now and then, most of the time he was a pretty cool guy. He also had him self an alright sense of humor.

Just the other year I got to work with some French artists for a comics expo that happened at our local library. My self along with my buddy Albie had our art work on display and we spent our nights drawing stuff for kids and some very cute girls.

What would you like?

um...a mermaid

and what would you like?

a mermaid

and you?

A mermaid!!

Dear god... If I see one more mermaid....

On display at the French comic Expo. Mines the black and white stuff.

While we had the expo I also got to have a look at some of the comics that the French artists brought over with them, and some of them were pretty messed up. The French read some crazy shizz.

Which is good... because this appetite for the odd comic books has lead to something even more magical than a mermaid.

This month brings us the release of The Zombies that Ate the world! Written by Jerry Frissen and illustrated by one of my favorite artists Guy Davis... the genus that works on BPRD.

Though it's being brought to us by Devil's Due Publishing... the comic found it's initial fame over in France, which is why we had the elaborate back story concerning the French. The story is basically about this program that the US government comes up with in the year 2064, where they decide to integrate zombies back into society . Kinda like Fido... but without the collars. Needless to say things get 'les fucked up' and we end up with a lot of zombies that want a whole lot of brains.

I found a little Q&A with the writer and artist over at Humanoid Publishing, which made my grubby little hands itchy to get my self a copy. It also made my grubby eyes want to read it and my grubby mouth smile whilst I do.

While on the subject of the French and zombies... I still have to watch Paris by Night of the living Dead.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Messed up the legs

Outlander was pretty good. I actually got it thinking it couldn't be any worse than Pathfinder but with aliens. Ended up watching a Predator vs 13th Warrior flick.

I concur that Vikings + Aliens = Awesome

So so on the story side... but cool special effects and enough action and gore to keep my GF entertained. She normally hates these kinds of movies.

She also spent a while searching online for info on one of the vikings played by some fella named Jack Huston.

Jack Huston in Shrooms.

I didn't care though... I got Megan Fox.

Megan After I dropper her home.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shizz that mess me up

So recently I've been looking for movies that terrified me as a kid.

It was as a kid that I fell in love with horror movies. Films such has House, Hellraiser and my all time favorite Evil Dead 2, were treats that I would watch over and over.

And Predator... I loved that too.

I found these movies more fascinating than scary. Any one who has seen the 1987 House knowns that there is so much to laugh at.

But then there were horror movies that scared the shizz out of me. Amongst the usual Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm street and what not.... there were these other movies that didn't really break the market too good back then.

One movie that always came to mind was a little number whose name I couldn't recall. I remember it scared me silly. It started off with these guys that board a space ship and find a naked chick...this chick then goes on to kill a lot of people.

This made me think that all naked women kill people. tits for you. Get your kicks some where else.

Just recently I decided to hunt this movie down...and I'm so glad that I did. I decided to ask around on a couple of Horror movie forums... writing down what little I remembered about the film. Sure enough, I found out that that movie I was after is a film called Life Force. I was also glad to hear that the director of the movie was none other than Tobe Hooper, the genius behind another favorite of mine...The Texas Chainsaw massacre.

Life Force started out very good.

It's about this crew of astronauts tailing Halley's Comet. While doing so they discover a ship that seems to be traveling along with the comet. The only sound thing to do in this case is of curse board the ship. After mucking around a bit, they discover this room that has these three 'stasis' pods that look like crystal coffins, and in them are these two guys...and the naked chick that scared me as a child.

Soon this ship looses contact with the people it's meant to be talking to here on earth, so another crew is sent up to investigate.

Other stuff happens and we find out that the naked chick is some sort of Vampire... wait...but not just any vampire: A space Vampire!

I'm not gonna go on to say much else except that this movie was a good watch. It's not amazing, it's not Even Horizon or The Thing. But it was alright. The naked chick is naked through most of the movie... and as an added incentive that seems too good to be true, there are a few zombies thrown around for good measure.

Needless to say the movie wasn't as freaky as I remembered it...and the last emotion that the naked vampire stirred up in me was fear :P

After my encounter with Life Force, I decided to look up some of the other movies that freaked me as a kid. Next up I'll be getting Deadly Friend. I remember when I was a kid, an uncle of mine told me to watch it cause it was 'just like Short Circuit'

He lied.

That looks nothing like Jonny 5!

I found a write up on the movie here.

O and The Video Dead. Zombies that actually crawl out of your TV...that'll scare the shizz out of any 7 year old.

Another movie that came to mind was Blades... about this killer lawn mower killing kids on a golf course. But I don't think it'll hold out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zombies on the radio

Did this Radio Spot for 2Day FM Fiji. It's not the most amazing production I've done...but it certainly was one of the most fun :D

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saw Unborn tonight

It was better than most of the crap I've seen lately. Plus it taught me a very important lesson... kids and old people can be fucken creepy.

Read the Horror Club review here.
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