Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Les Zombies!

Ah ze French.

I remember I used to love my French classes in high school...even though I never really got it. Id spend most of the time clowning around in the back with one of my buddies, which lead to hilarious out bursts from my French teacher Misour Michell.

But even though he yelled at us every now and then, most of the time he was a pretty cool guy. He also had him self an alright sense of humor.

Just the other year I got to work with some French artists for a comics expo that happened at our local library. My self along with my buddy Albie had our art work on display and we spent our nights drawing stuff for kids and some very cute girls.

What would you like?

um...a mermaid

and what would you like?

a mermaid

and you?

A mermaid!!

Dear god... If I see one more mermaid....

On display at the French comic Expo. Mines the black and white stuff.

While we had the expo I also got to have a look at some of the comics that the French artists brought over with them, and some of them were pretty messed up. The French read some crazy shizz.

Which is good... because this appetite for the odd comic books has lead to something even more magical than a mermaid.

This month brings us the release of The Zombies that Ate the world! Written by Jerry Frissen and illustrated by one of my favorite artists Guy Davis... the genus that works on BPRD.

Though it's being brought to us by Devil's Due Publishing... the comic found it's initial fame over in France, which is why we had the elaborate back story concerning the French. The story is basically about this program that the US government comes up with in the year 2064, where they decide to integrate zombies back into society . Kinda like Fido... but without the collars. Needless to say things get 'les fucked up' and we end up with a lot of zombies that want a whole lot of brains.

I found a little Q&A with the writer and artist over at Humanoid Publishing, which made my grubby little hands itchy to get my self a copy. It also made my grubby eyes want to read it and my grubby mouth smile whilst I do.

While on the subject of the French and zombies... I still have to watch Paris by Night of the living Dead.


TF said...

Gosh, those comics of yours look pretty radical!
Why didn't you ever put em here on your blog? What's the comic about?

L.Cass said...

I put up 2 pages under 'They Feed'

It was a series I started for a local magazine, but I never got to finish it because the magazine died.The Series was called *They Feed*

It was about these little worms that would latch on to the back of the neck and mutate the body into mindless eating machines. Turning people into freaky looking zombies.

As time passes the human body becomes almost unrecognizable... which in turn lets me draw some messed up shizz.

Thing is though...these zombies have sort of a hive mind. And then later our heroes discover that the worms are aliens. And they haven't evolved beyond their worm state because of their ability to simply use other lifeforms to feed.

I really should finish it :(

L.Cass said...

O wait!

I have two sets of comics up...

The one's on the bottom are 'they feed' and the ones on the top is 'Vini the Soul Drinker' It was about this demon that comes to our world after escaping from this 'other world' prison. And yes... he drinks peoples souls.

But he gets summoned in by mistake by this little girl... so he kinda has to do her bidding while trying to escape from the hordes of demons catchers that come from the 'other world' to capture him.

The pages I have up is Vini going into Hell to rescue the girl from Satan. Whocomes to earth as 'Pablo Bunny' owner of a multi-million fast food chicken chain.

Vini makes a deal with Death to borrow Death's scythe... because he needs to kick some ass. Since Vini isn't from hell... he can't do any damage there. But the scythe has power to kill any where.

Yeah... I was into some crazy shizz.

If you go through the 'my drawings' pages... you'll come across some pages.

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