Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Feed

This was the first concept I did for the 'Worms' from one my comics called 'They Feed"

In the comic... people started changing into crazy mutant zombies. Later on our heroes find out that it's because of these worms. They would latch on to the back of peoples necks and then distort their bodies into weird killing machines. This would kill the human 'host' and give the worms a body to walk around in. As time passes the body would mutate even further, soon the human aspect of the body was almost non-existent... and all we had were freaky looking alien things.

The worms also had a sort of hive mind... coming across one of them would alert the others.

Yeah... I don't know why I didn't finish it either :(


TF said...

the story in itself reminds me a little too much of 'Night of the Creeps/Slither', but the art has a very 28 days later gritty feel to it!
Great stuff indeed, well done :-D

L.Cass said...


Yeah, this project was a little fun thing I did on the side, so I kinda just made it a mash of all my favorite horror movies.

One day I'll tell you about "House by the Sea" and "The Long Drive Home"


Doc Zombie said...

check out the book "infected" by scott stigler...similar stuff here.

L.Cass said...

Thanks Doc... will do.

As far as zombie books go. Brian Keene's The Rising is on of my faves.

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