Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trapped Dead

As I have mentioned numerous times before on the blog, there are certain video games that I would play no matter how they turn out.

Regardless of review scores or whatever... if it some how fills one of my shallow, sometimes absurd needs/ niches, I'll be all over it like a zombie eating a fat kid eating cake.

Well coming out sometime this November is a Real Time Strategy game titled Trapped Dead. It's being put together by a German developer called Head Up games, and it's just the kind of zombie fun that I'm lacking right now. The game will be presented in the traditional RTS isometric view, and it follows the exploits of these collage kids who are trapped in the middle of a zombie out break caused by some people messing around with a type of genetically modified corn.

Don't roll your eyes... you've read worse zombie plots.

So some how a virus stems from this CORN and is spread through a small Kansas city town called Hedge Hill. The two collage guys eventually meet up with some other people I guess (by looking at the screen shots) and then you gotta help these guys hide, scavenge and survive against the hungry undead.

Apparently the game is set in the 80s, and comes with a soundtrack to match... so I'm not sure what I should be expecting here. Is it going to be moody Cure-ish goth rock, or Soft Cell-ish synth pop? It might take away from the thrill of the game when your bashing heads in with a crowbar to the sounds of Kylie Minogue's I should be so lucky... lucky ...lucky ...lucky.

But the game is also said to have 4 player co-op, which should make it fun regardless of what's playing on the radio.

Man... who am I kidding, you an I both know that this game had me at zombie RTS, and I could be popping head shots to Boy Goerge and the culthure club and I'd still be rocking it.

There are so many zombie games out there, like so many that it could be considered an out break in it's own right... but zombies infecting the RTS genre is new to me. And though Head up have dished out some pretty mid-core games in the past, I'll defiantly be keeping an eye out for the Trapped Dead.

Plus I'm just a sucker for isometric games... which reminds me: I'm going to go down load Valves Alien Swarm now off Steam. Cause it's FREE!

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