Friday, October 29, 2010

Major geek thread

So I start work at a local News Paper next week as a lay-out artist. Which I'm really looking forward to because I applied there as an illustrator for the their daily editorial. But with the lack of work heading my way, I feel like a cheat every time I call my self a Free-lance artist.

My buddy Al and I did get an email from UNICEF though, asking us to do some work for them... so I sent em a costing on our behalf and I hope it works out.

In the mean time I've been doing a bit of writing for a second movie project, which involves a massive CGI snake :O

But that's more of a side project.

I've been hitting World of Warcraft pretty hard too, mostly PVPing my Warlocks ass off (Player vs Player). I did hit up the Ice Crown Citadel last week and cleaned out like 11/12 bosses, but then I got booted because my damn toon was lagging :(

... So I didn't get to kill Arthas.

That really pissed me off... so I decided to leave the raiding crap for a bit and just kill the Alliance. I managed to get my Lock from tier 9 to full Tier 10, as well as deck him out with ICC weapons and stuff, so that was kinda cool. O and I finally got done with this one achievement quest in the game called "Glory of the Hero" which granted my Lock a kick ass Proto Drake mount.

My warlock in PVP gear

But as far as PVP goes... man I forgot how much I missed it. Managed to deck my lock out in the full PVP set, so now his running around with like 1k Resilience and a shit load of spellpower. His Affliction so he rots faces :P

The hight light was defiantly last night though when during a session of Warsong Gulch I went one on three against a Hunter, warrior and a mage... and came out pwning em.

Today though I went shopping with my GF to pick up some stuff for Halloween. She's decided to go as a sexy witch... my outfit however is going to be a surprise :P

Coincidently, me being in this massive PVP mood as fas as my games go, today I got an invite to play the beta for Bloodlines Champions Online. It's this mad PVP based online game which is kind of along the lines of games such as Defence of the Ancients and Heroes of Newerth.


But it's got these mad ass characters that I find very intriguing, which kinda lifted it over the other games for me. I tried out a few of the classes but ultimately settled on the Igniter as my fave class. His this freaky little dude who looks like a tribal pygmy guy on fire. All his attacks are fire spells and his all about burning things ... basically causing chaos. I'll be spending a bit of time with this one for sure. But it's all just killing other players, and the battles are very short... so you end up kinda burning out pretty fast when you've done like 20 battles back to back in like 15mins.

But being the new comer in this sub genre of RTS games... I hope it manages to pull a following.

I'm going to go put together my Halloween costume now... and will have pics up before I hit the clubs with it on the night :D


sharky said...

Hope the lay-out gig is some fun and good luck with the UNICEF thing.

but most importantly, look forward to seeing costume pics :P

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