Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And then?

I know my updates for the blog haven't been as frequent as I'd like, but I have very good excuses as to why that is.

First off as you know I've been attending film school these last few months, so most of the time when I come home I just feel too damn tired to do anything that involves coordinated button sequences and lateral thinking.

Except maybe video games, I did spend all of last week playing Dragon Age 2, which although entertaining, was pretty lacking when compared to the master-piece that was Dragon Age 1. Portal 2 was pretty sweet, loved every moment of that one...

My Dragon Age 2 hero

Now I'm waiting to get my hands on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, that's probably my most anticipated game title this year, well that and Dead Space 2 which I still haven't got my hands on because I've been dead broke these last few weeks. (I got DA2 and Portal 2 off of friends)

While I waiting for Witcher2 I've been mucking around with this little side-scroller called Capsized. It's a pretty little time filler, though it takes a messy time to get used to the controls.

Capsized (pc)

I've also started pre-production on a small horror short that I'm doing with my friends. I don't want to give away too much about it... but it's a small sci-fi horror film which involves lots of blood and gore.

Actually that gives nothing away... well I'll post stuff on it as it comes along. But I don't really wanna share anything short of the whole thing. So that's something to look forward to. But here's a little something:

Short film creature make-up test

What else?

O if you saw the previous post then you should have a fare idea what I'm planning to do with those darn bears I came up with a few weeks back.

Think famous horror movie scenes... but... with bears!

I've been doing a lot of reading these past few weeks too, but none of it's horror related so I feel like I shouldn't talk about it here. But then I have had non- horror posts before... so...

Well I've been reading a lot of stuff on Vietnam. I'm not sure why or how but a few months ago I got Nam crazy and started eating up anything to do with the war I could find. Books, movies and documentaries... I've collected heaps. Some where in there I got mad about Hunter S. Thompson too, so I started watching a lot of stuff on him, as well as reading as much of his work as I could find.

... again, not horror related.

But sill awesome stuff.

As part of film school I've been watching a lot of movies too. At first I kind of tracked away from the usual stuff I like watching. I started getting my hands on films that are known for stuff like 'awesome editing' or 'great screen play.' Somewhere in that mess of movies I found a whole lot of David Lynch stuff... and soon I was back to watching my favourites: good ol' horror movies.

That would have probably been the majority of my last few months. Trying to watch as many good horror movies as I could find. I watched a shizz load of em... but I found myself kind of watching the same ones over and over again. The thing with me is, I'd rather watch an old horror movie that I know is awesome... than risk watching something new that's shit. Thank god I have the Horror Club to help me sort through em.

Shit this post is getting long... I know most of you savages aren't even going to read it. So Ima head off now and watch a bit Adventure Time before rushing off to see if my friends are up for some beers.

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