Monday, September 19, 2011

and then?

It's been a busy few weeks for me.

As the launch date for our up-coming TV channel draws nearer, I've been running around like a headless zombie making sure trailers are ready, graphics have been sorted and show titles have been made.

In fact, the team and I are going to be pulling a late night tomorrow to get some stuff out of the way.

But it's not too hectic. When I'm not at work, my girl friend and I have been killing time watching Dexter, which is a show I can't believe I didn't get into sooner.

O yeah she's back by the way... from the Pacific Games, bringing with her two silver medals for Badminton and a bottle of Tequila.

Dani (2nd from right) with her team.

I was pretty sure that that one week she was away was going to have some pretty slow nights, but I started the week with a bottle of Vodka and friends on Monday night, which is where a friend of mine gave me the install files for Team Fortress 2, and that pretty much killed the rest of my week.

So many hours were spent online meeting new people and then blowing then blowing them up.

I've never really played a competitive shooter before, and for the longest time I wasn't even sure if my inter-webs speed could keep up with one. I'm no stranger to online PVP though, because that is what took up most of my time on World of Warcraft. I used to shred faces with my Druid (who made it to rank 10 Champion before Burning Crusade came out) and once I got my Warlock... it was nothing but death and destruction all around.

But for the FPS thing, Team Fortress 2 would be my first time getting into it... and I love it.

The game's been around for a while and recently became free to play, and the moment you buy something from it's online store you become a premium member. As soon as I could I got some stuff for my favorite class; the Soldier and decked him out to perfection.

For those that haven't played the game, it's your standard first person deathmatch/ capture the flag type of game, except you have these characters that make up the games classes. You could pick one that fits your play style, or one who you think is just really cool.

When I started out I would muck around as the Heavy, but I just found him to be a little OP. He takes a massive pounding when being taken down, and is able to dish out a steady stream of pretty high damage, which is cool... but I just wasn't feeling the class mechanics and the character.

But the Solider, his fucking bad ass. And his got so much versatility to him which makes him a lot of fun to play. Plus mucking around with a shot gun and a Rocket launcher is pretty cool.

Like I said I got him a few things online, then I crafted him the Original, which is the rocket launcher from Quake, and being such an iD fan-boy I had to have that.

The Original

As I went through the list of cool things that the soldier can use, there were very few things that I wanted, and my toon was pretty much set with what he had. But there was this one item that kinda caught my attention.

If you had purchased a copy of Plants Vs Zombies before a certain date, you were issued with an item called the Brain bucket, which is basically a bucket on your head with blood stains on it. the flavor text on it reads:
Zombie tested, braaaains approved.

Now the item it's self may not seem like much, but come on... I'm the guy with the 'zombie' blog! I had to have this thing. For those that bought Plants Vs Zombies they get a "genuine" version of the bucket which was a limited thing. The rest of us need to either wait for a drop or get someone to craft it, which would mean having an item with someone else name on it. (crafted by - )

I tired trading for this item a few times, but without luck. But last night I managed to score myself a trade that didn't just get me a Brain bucket... but a Genuine one!


Now all I need is a Strange Rocket Launcher and I'm sorted.

Lets see how this week goes. I predict more Dexter and TF2 when I'm not working, and some Magicka since I'm hoping to pick up a new item pack for it today.

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