Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun on the DarkSide.

So last night Traps bar had a Fashion show/ early Halloween bash and like every year my friends and I decided to dress up and head out.

We started out with a few beers and shots at Kaoskongo's house, before heading to this thing at Traps. Sadly this year the costumes were a little lacking. Unlike last year when the back bar at Traps was flooded with people in awesome outfits.

The fashion show was so so, and we got there late so the beers that the 15 bucks cover charge had lined up finished a few rounds after we got there. But it was still a fun night.

As you can see I went as a Sith :D

For something that I put together pretty much a day before, I thought the costume came out pretty good. Massive thanks to Micheal Jon's mummy for making me the hood.

It got a decent bit of attention at the clubs, which was pretty cool.
Albert and Mike in their costumes

Dani and I


Anonymous said...

(Lost track. Might have sent this to you!)


Sending this to you for two reasons:

1. I hope you'll watch and enjoy it.

2. If you feel like it, please share it with your friends/readers.

I'm helping this band get the word out on this video because I think it's fucking rad and deserves to be seen, and for no other reason.


Clarence Dass said...

cheers Steve, the video looks awesome.

Thanks for stopping by, and cheers for sharing.


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