Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And then?

And then my Grand father has been in hospital for a week now. He was admitted last Wednesday because he kept getting these strange "shakes" sort of like an epileptic seizure. It started about a week earlier but would normally last like a few seconds, but last Wednesday it last for like a full hour and more. So we had to call an Ambulance cause we found it very hard to move him.

With my Grandparents.
The doctors decided to admit him for the night. Sad thing was thought that the following day the doctors told us that my Grandfather wasn't going to make it through the night.

But his still there.

Yesterday they had to hook him up to a "breathing machine" because he finds it hard to take a breath on his own, yesterday was also his 75th Birthday.

So since last week I've been spending my nights at the Hospital with him, in fact I'll be there tonight as well. Basically I just sit there with him in case he needs something, plus I get to catch up on my reading. A few times my girl friend joins me for the night as well, which makes it a lot easier.

Since he got admitted I started reading Cormac McCarthy's the Road which I finished last night. Now that book read as though it were written for a hospital beside, so much so that the ending actually choked me up and I had to take a breather afterwards.

When I got back home I watched the movie for it and thought that while it was good, it just totally lacked the "soul" of the book and came off as very bland and grey. Part of the problem was that you didn't get to hear the main character's thoughts, which I thought was the main strength of the novel.The movie comes off as a film about survival while the book reads as more of a spiritual journey.

I've also been playing Darksiders 2 in between things, that game gets more and more epic the more you progress through it and I think it totally out shines the first game.

While going through The Road I also picked up "I am Alive" which is a downloadable game built around the idea of surviving an "end of the world" scenario. You basically scavenge for food and supplies and watch your ammo and try to strive against other survivors... it felt like a nice pit stop until I get my hands on The Last of Us which I think will totally redefine the survival genre of games.

I've also been doing a bit of planning for the community work I've been getting into lately. In fact I made a Facebook page for it and hope to have all the projects the other Hibiscus contestants and I put together.

Yesterday was an interesting day because I spent the better part of it watching videos over on this Youtube page for Feminist Frequency, I've never really been exposed to too much of the feminist movement, but I like the work that the moderator for Fem Frequency is doing. Anita Sarkeesian, the amazing young woman who runs the project has some very interesting views on things I've never really thought about in regards to women's role in media, be it movies, books, or games. A lot of it provides some really good food for thought.

Anita Sarkeesian
O and thanks to my buddy Micheal Jon, I've pre-purchased Borderlands 2 on Steam... so if all goes well I'll be playing it on day one :D

Plus last Friday the drag was lifted a bit because my buddy Kaos was having a house warming get together for his awesome new flat, so after being with my dead the whole night I went over and had a few drinks with my friends.

So yeah... the last few days have been pretty interesting. Right now I just hope things work out for the best with my Grandfather, but at the same time I don't want to get to all down about it. So I'm just taking it easy and getting on with other things as much as I can, while spending as much time with him as possible.

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