Saturday, June 20, 2009

Every body wants a cut!

I must be slipping or my friends are getting too eager. It used to be that I would be the one hounding my friends, holding them at gun point, showing them trailers for up coming zombie movies. But today we went over to drop some stuff at my buddy Wilson's place, and he played us the trailer for Zombieland.

Note: there is another movie out there called Zombieland that is about some people trapped in a zombie themed amusement park. I heard that one isn't very good.

Co-written by TV writer turned first time move writer Paul Werrnick, Zombieland looks to be a fun filled zomedy. Though it is said to be an independent film, the movie seemed to have a better budget than the majority of recent releases.

It even stars Woody Harrelson and that hot chick from Superbad Emma Stone.

...and it doesn't have that guy who plays Gorge Michel in Arrested Development.

Thing is though... when I saw the trailer for the movie, I did have a stupid grin on my face... but a part of my non-undead brain was screaming out 'Meh... every body's making zombie movies now.'

It's like a cool craze that's gotta be cashed in on. But I'm sure the movie is more than that... after all, my first movie is gonna be a zombie movie too.

Zombieland is also gonna be going the way of the screaming, running zombies. The trailer has plenty of freeze frame shots for some reason, of zombies chasing people.

In his own words, the casting director said the zombies are gonna be:

“[F]erocious, infected people that move erratically. They are diseased, as opposed to undead. These are not the lumbering walking dead of Romero’s zombie movies, but instead the super jacked up 28 Days Later / Dawn of the Dead (2004) zombies. They are scary and gnarly and gross.”

Cool :D

I'm sorry... but I love the running screaming ones... But if a zombie apocalypse does break out in real life, and it will... I would rather be up against the slow moving Romero ones.

Yeah I'm excited... I've been watching a lot of really bad, low budget zombie movies lately... I'm in the mood to be swept of my feet ( and eaten alive) by a good zombie movie. Zombieland looked pretty damn exciting, and the trailer had a load of laughs in it... so it has now been added to my 'must see' list.

Which is surprisingly short this year.

I'm also looking forward to REC2 and another 28 Days/Weeks sequel.

O and you know what's funny?


Shortly after finishing the filming of Zombieland, Woody Harrelson had an altercation with a TMZ photographer at New York City's La Guardia Airport. His defense was that he was still in character and thought the cameraman was a zombie.

Sadly I couldn't get any cool pics of Zombieland, though I spent a whole 2 minutes looking for em online. Here's a pic I stole from Zombie Nation instead.


That Face! said...





could you link me the trailer for Zombieland?

The M'hael said...

I just put the trailer up over on my blog and thought about you. That movie looks like it's gonna be fun.

L.Cass said...

There you go 'That Face!'

Just take a surf over to The Horror Club for that Trailer :D

If its a horror movie worth watching,they got it covered...

Anonymous said...

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