Friday, June 26, 2009

Later Mike

So Micheal Jackson passed away today... heart attack at the age of 50.

As a kid I was surrounded by adults who absolutely loved him, and to be honest, I thought he had some mad tunes me self.

Dirty Diana would be my favorite...

Along side the norms like Billie Jean and Thriller. Say what you will... the guy left a mark.

Plus he could dance good...

Though I liked him as a kid... I wasn't too crazy about him as a teenager or as an adult. Sure I'd tap my feet if I heard a song or two. But huge fan I wasn't.

But today at work I had to make a music montage of his stuff for a radio trailer. One of our stations is having this big Micheal Jackson special tomorrow. As I was putting together the songs, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. This guy was an icon at one time... then the world turned him into a freak. Sure to a big extent, he contributed into turning him self into a freak, but in recent years it didn't look to be getting any better.

He became the butt of everyones jokes, the star of a new scandal every other month, every one wanted to see what the heck he'd do next.

What kind of life must that have been?

From being the sweet heart of the world to the punch line of a David Zucker movie.

Ah well... it's all over now. His record sales are probably gonna sky rocket even further, people will not pay as much attention to his crazy shit. And he'll be seen only as the big pop icon he once was.

It's weird when someone, who you saw all over the media as kid, dies. It really makes you feel like times are moving on.

The King of pop is dead.

Like the Beatles or Elvis... no one else will be has big I reckon. They can't. The way the world runs now days... there simply isn't room for it. These guys showed up at a time when the people were ready for such a thing.

They happened like a phenomenon.

Go watch Moonwalker... Micheal Jackson turns into a robot in it.

The he turns into a space shop and flies away...

To a better place... away from judging faces.

and small children.


That Face! said...

well said.
Thriller will always be his greatest work for me.
a fallen god.

sharky said...

definitely the best Michael-related blog post I have read since his death. very very very well put indeed.

have you heard the one about Michael and the PS2? :P

Anonymous said...

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