Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hyper Brain Melting

Done for this.

Just got done reading Keith Laumer's "Nine by Laumer." One of the short stories was "End As a Hero" which is a cool tale about a hero in space battling it out in 'mind to mind' combat with an alien race.

Yes... serious lack of zombies in my diet at the moment.


That Face! said...

great colouring. well done :-)

L.Cass said...

Aw thanks man :D I actually suck at coloring these things on the computer. So I went water color pencils on this one.

Glad you like it :D

If you're not too busy one of these days... you ought to try the Remake/ Remodel thread I linked.

They'd love ur work... !

That Face! said...

have you seen my latest update?

Anonymous said...

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