Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the Emperor!@#$

War Hammer 40K: Space Marine Demo - Impressions

So I just ripped through the Space Marine demo that I got off of steam earlier today... and all I can say is


This game is full of pure awesome. Awesome that has been stuffed into a power armor and allowed to spill blood and havoc for your gaming pleasure.

For those that came in late, the War Hammer series of games have been around for a very long time. Originally a table top game with a massive following, I got into it through the fairly resent Dawn of War series of RTS games that my friends and I have burnt so many hours to.

What I love most about the 40k series is how bad ass the good guys are. The Space Marines are just mean machines of massive war and destruction, and after hitting START on the Space Marine demo, you become this Bad Assness.

The game plays with a third person perspective, and right of the bat you're armed with these four bad ass guns and the Space Marines signature ChainSword. And let me just say that these are probably the most satisfying guns I've fired in a game. They fire with the most meaty bang, and when you see the results eradicate the baddies in front of you... it brings tears man, sweet sweet tears of fucken joy.

Couple the shooting with the ultimate bad ass weapon, the chain sword, and you got some mad combos that leave nothing but a bloody mess.

The game sort of feels that it suits a few different play styles, as in you could either shoot your way through it or get up close and personal with the melee. You get to string together hits between bullets and blade, and if you stun the baddies you get to perform a bloody execution that totally punishes your foes before finishing them off. These are such that with a bit of timing, you can slip them in at the end of your combos, and whenever you do, you get a little bit of health back. So if you keep this you can become a perpetual machine of death.

As far as graphics go, they weren't as mind blowing as I was expecting it to be. The little of the world I got to see in the demo was very gritty, but the levels sort of felt a little empty. I felt as though there were just rooms for you to mess up, lacking any other characteristic. But you don't have too much time to ponder about this because the sheer amount of baddies that are on the screen at any given time are just mad. There are moments when everywhere you turn, all you see is something that's trying to kill you.

The Camera gets a bit funky at times when the action gets thick, and you end up having to re-adjust it to see what's happening, this can be sort of frustrating.

Mucking around on line I've seen that Space Marine has been getting a few comparisons to the ever popular Gears of War series, and at times I did think to my self "hey this is just like Gears."

It does have the same "hide and get healed" thing happening ...but at the same time the gameplay in Space Marines seems to be more frantic. For one thing, Space Marines seems to have an approach that screams "A good defense is a good offense." With the lack of any fixed cover system, you often find yourself hurtling guns blazing at the enemy. If you see something that looks like it could be trouble, you either shoot it down, or run up to it and bury your blade into it's face.

And wait till you get you hands on the Jump Pack... that's when shit gets really crazy, and a whole new level of combat options spring up that start from aerial assault :D Nothing beats the rush you get from blasting into the air, and crashing down upon your enemies, scattering them all around you in a bloody mess of bolts and blades.

The only shit thing about the demo is that it's very short :( And as for the overall game... it's a lot of fun to handle. I really wanna play more of it.

If I have any hopes for the final release, it would be that it comes with a decent length single player campaign. O and that they fix the camera and make it a tighter for all the mad action.

Ima hit it again after a quick dinner and than maybe some more before I pass out. If I'm lucky maybe I'll be able to inject so much 40k into my brain that I'll be playing in my sleep.

But yeah... awesome Demo for an awesome game... that I will be definitely pre-ordering next pay.

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