Saturday, August 13, 2011

Movie night!

My girlfriend and I just got back home from an awesome movie night over at my buddy Al's place.

It started off a little sad cause we wanted to watch Tucker and Dale vs Evil but for some reason the DVD player had the sound out of sync, so we decided to skip it and watch this one French flick called À l'intérieur (Inside).

I've been watching a lot of these French horror films recently and I had heard a lot of good things about this particular one.

Although my friends are always keen to jump in front of the camera for my horror shorts, they aren't too mad about horror movies. So whenever I get the chance I like to fry their nerves with some of the films I pick up here and there. I was gonna get them to watch Martyrs, but I've seen it quite a few times, and so has my GF. Then there the option to watch The Woman, but then I decided to go with something that I hadn't seen.

Inside was such a great film.

Some of the plot details were a bit iffy, and a lot of the time we were screaming at the main-girl to do things that were so stupid of her to over-look. But it was all a lot of fun. It wasn't the goriest movie... but it had exploding heads, scissor stabbings and knitting needles being thrust all over the place, which resulted in a lot of screams and uncomfortable laughter from all of us.

I gotta get my hands on more of these kinds of movies. Where the suspense and character building is balanced with awesome amounts of blood and madness.

Speaking of madness... we also watched a fun little Spanish short film called Deus Irae, which I would love to see made into a feature length movie. Check out the trailer below.

I really wanna do another movie night soon, but I want to try and get something that's more of a classic to round up the night. It's a lot of fun being tensed up watching an awesome horror film, but I love ending nights like these with something that we can watch without feeling violated at the end of it.

Like an old Christopher Lee movie, or maybe something with
Jeffrey Combs :P

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