Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Souls coming to pc?

So apparently this was spotted as part of an advert for next months PC Power Play:

The very familiar Dark Souls Death screen attached to next months PC Power Play has got many people excited about a possible pc release of the game.

This coupled with a link on the Dark Souls face book page directing to a wall which will reveal an announcement once enough people 'like' it has many Dark Souls fan giddy.

Form Software have also said that they will be making an announcement at Gamers Day in Las Vegas on the 12th of April.

Funny thing is that Euro Gamer has already started talking about how the pc version is going to have new content and such. Even though nothings been officially confirmed.

I am both happy and a little worried about this now. It would be awesome if the game came out on pc because I really want my friends to try it, but then I know that despite the online petition that had over 65k sigs asking for a pc version, people are going to pirate the shit out of this game and I'm afraid it won't make the money it deserves.

If there is a pc version of the game I will definitely buy it, in fact I think the co-op and pvp bits of the game will be all the more better for it.

Dark Souls is truly one the greatest things I have ever played and I don't want to see it get tainted.

I say one of the greatest because Demon Souls > Dark Souls :P

Edit: One of my online Dark Souls friends pointed out that pirates won't have access to the games online features, which truly are the games strongest points. Aside from the co-op and pvp elements, a lot of the story elements need online play as well. So we see how it goes.

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