Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Demon's Soul Review over at Mighty Ape

So my Demon's Soul review is up at Mighty Ape. The game is about 4 years old now and there are already a shit load of reviews up for it so I didn't bother getting to extensive. Check out the page here.

Otherwise you can just read it below :D

Brutal and challenging as heck, Demon's Souls is a gaming experience you won't be forgetting soon.

From the awesome environments filled with so much detail and atmosphere, to the hardcore bosses and enemies that will test your gaming skills like very few other games can. Mastering Demon's Souls gets very addictive.

If you're coming into Demon's Souls out of Dark Souls like I am, you'll find that a lot of the mechanics work pretty much the same way.

The combat is tight and responsive, the builds for your character are highly customizable and upgrades work pretty much the same way except with different items to collect.

I found Demon's Soul to be a lot more engaging compared to Dark Souls, because there's more story to it, told through the different people you meet. The game makes you interact with a lot more people too, with items to gain or side quests to do.

What also blew me away was the graphics for the game. You can't tell that this thing is 4 years old now.

I knew going into it that it would be a better than average game, but no amount of online searches could have prepared me for how awesome the game turned out to be.

This was truly the start of something amazing in gaming and you have to check it out. Link


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aquarium supplies said...

maybe the best game ever made! there's no doubt about it!

Clarence Dass said...

For sure. I actually liked it more than the Sequel, though Dark Souls is very awesome too.

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