Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dante's Inferno: an animated Epic.

I'm not the biggest Anime fan.

Though I really liked Ninja Scrolls and grew up watching the likes of Voltron and Battle of the Planets... I don't go out of my way to collect Anime.

I do get interested if they offer something that fits into the little niches I crave. Like if it has zombies or if it's something creepy and grot. I might watch one with a cool robot/ mech in it...but even then I'll have to look it up first :P

But when I heard that Dante's Inferno was getting the Anime treatment... I was curious. The whole movie/ Anime tie in thing has been happening for a while now. The earliest one I can remember was the Animatrix that came out back when the whole Matrix thing was crazy. It served as a means to broaden the Matrix world, delivering some back story where needed.

Like Dead Space: Down Fall accompanied Dead Space the game, EA/ Visceral Games latest offering, Dante's Inferno, is coming with it's own little animated feature coming along.

But unlike Dead Space: Down Fall that was sort of a prequel to the game, Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic maybe be more of a spoiler for any one who hasn't played the game.

Providing not only a further back ground to the game, the anime follows Dante as he makes a quick 88min trip to the 9th circle of hell. Though I'm not sure to what extent the story of the film mirrors the game... for me it gave away a few details that I wished I 'd have picked up from playing the game. On the other hand... I've seen some game content that wasn't shown or mentioned in the film. So lets see how it goes.

It all looks good though....

The story is divided into several sections, each named after a different portion of Dante's hell. And we see this vision through the eyes of several animation teams and directors, each of whom have a very distinct style in terms of art and such.

Though chracter wise, our hero and his buddies stay the same director to director, the visual take each team had is very intriguing. The film won't be braking any new grounds in animation, but it does have it's moments of awe. From an editors stand point I thought the whole thing was put together very nicely. Though I wished they a lot more wide scenery shots, that established the grand scale of what Dante was getting him self into.

It seems that in the game, the environment it self is almost a character on its own, and this I thought was lacking a bit in the film.

I had a bit of an issue with what seemed like a rush pacing of the film too, but after a while I just went with it.

I'm home> you're dead> o you've taken her>I'll save you>shit there's a door>I can't get in> I'm in> there's a boat> I'm on> shizz it's Satan!!

But I really did enjoy this film. Especially since I'm on this massive Dante's Inferno trip right now. For any one caught up with shizz about the game, this is a must watch. But I would advise you to play through the game first if you don't want your story experience spoiled.

Even if you're not having sleepless nights waiting for the game, this is definitely something to check out if your into anything animated. The styles the directors bring to Dante, serves well to bring out his different aspects. With my fave look being the art style for Limbo, Lust and City of Dis.

Heck I love em all...

And though the story may not be as grand as the original still feels epic.

This is going to be a welcome addition to my DVD collection, and after watching it I really can't wait to tear into the game.

The film comes with six different covers, show casing the 6 different animated styles... I think I'll go with either the first or last one here.

Check out the Trailer

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