Friday, January 29, 2010

I Pre-ordered this

Man it's been a while since I got a new game for ye ol faithful 360. The last one was Batman Arkham Asylum.

And as much as I love Dead Space... If I play through that thing one more time Ima have to plasma cut my eyes out. Thank god that the lovely people over at Visceral Games have dragged through their creative depths to being me (yes...ME) another awesome game for me to sink my devil slaying scythe into.

Pre-ordered and waiting.

It takes a fair amount of faith to pre-order a game.

With the rate of hit and misses that fill our shelves every year... if it doesn't score a 90% or more, I normally don't even bother. But then aside from your conventional game ratings and such... some times other factors play a great part on the games I buy.

The moment I saw the first screens of Dead Space... I knew it was something I wanted to play. And buying Batman Arkham Asylum was a no brainer for me, seeing as how I'm like one of the biggest Batman fans EVER!!. So when I saw the first trailer for Dante's Inferno...

...I knew.

Set in the grim recesses of hell, everything from the look and premise of the game makes my greedy little fingers itchy to play.

Loosely based on the first part of the Divine Comedy, Dante's Inferno the game follows our hero Dante (a duh) as he makes his way through the 9 circles of Hell in search of the love of his life. Whose soul is stolen away by none other than the original gangster him self... Lucifer.

Armed with Deaths scythe, a crucifix... and a move list of kick ass um... moves, Dante is gonna be cutting his way through the armies of Hell come next month. And I can't wait for my Death Edition of the game to arrive.

Isac you sexy devil slayer.

Cause not only does the Death Ed (savy) come with a hell lot of goodies... it also comes with playable model of Isac Clarke, the protagonist from Dead Space!

Now I'm not gonna go into any sort of bullshit review or preview of the game, as you'll find a shizz load of em online if you Google it. But I will mention that one stupid slack the game has been getting, is some people saying that the developers of the game have taken a great piece of literature and F'ed it up.

With the amount of crap that makes it's way into games these days, I'm actually happy that Visceral turned to epic literature as source materiel for its latest offer. After following news about the game for so long, I actually went down to my local book store to look for a copy of the poem, cause I was really inspired to check it out. Also cause the PDF was hurting my eyes.

I drew the bit below just as I began reading it...

As mentioned earlier, Inferno is the first part of a trilogy of sorts called the Divine Comedy, which was written by one Dante Alighieri between 1308 and his death in 1321. It chronicles the journey of lost soul who is guided through hell by the shade of the Roman poet Virgil. For the things this bit of literature is known for, the biggest thing it did was to give us the concept of Hell and brimstone that we have today.

Dante's 9 circles of Hell and the depictions of the creatures that dwell in it, inspired a vision of Hell that lives to this day, and it is definitely worth a read if you have the time. It's not a blood and guts horror fest, but rather a surreal, slightly humorous and sometimes frightening take on a subject some of us have become too comfortable with.

After reading it, I kinda got reminded that Hell isn't really a cool place to be. A lot of the art and music that I follow has Hell dressed up as the anti-hero and not the anti-Christ it was meant to be.

But then here comes Dante's Inferno...

We have so many games where you have the hero fighting a 'Hell on Earth' or demons from the depth... but Visceral was all like:

"F**k this... our guy is gonna go straight into hell and we're gonna remind our players that Hell"

Can't wait :D


3NINO said...

I'm sorry, but Cerberus looks like one of the monsters from Yellow Submarine... and why doesn't Lucifer have three faces?
And since when was Dante a friggin' knight?

I don't mind the fact that they wanted to make a video game of it, but why not invent a whole new character and have him trave through a more accurately described Hell? Having becoming well acquainted with the weedy almost narcoleptic Dante (three years of study, sigh), seeing a butch guy in armour brandishing a cross a-là Hammer House of Horror Dracula movies made me laugh.

Also the gameplay reminds me a bit too much fo God of War, especially that chain-extending-scythe... thingie.
And God of War was painful in itself, what with it's gratuitous crapping over mythological texts.

I'm sorry man, but I kind of agree with the critics.

Also, I changed my blog adress... Maybe you noticed that the antibullshit dome address seems to have been given to some douche who is trying to sell viagra...

Anyway, it's now.

L.Cass said...

First you DON'T sell Viagra? I sent some money that I'm never getting back :(

Having read the book like three time over the last 2 weeks (which DOESN'T claim to make me an expert), I kinda see the game as more of a re-imagining than anything else... The God of war combat comparisons don't really put me off in terms of game play, as I believe games are always just reinventing (ripping off) each other everyday anyways.

But ...yeah I guess when you spent 3 years studying something and someone messes with it, I can see why it would generate slack.

It's like when "Queen of the damned" came out at the movies and I wanted to murder somebody for messing up what would be probably the best of the Vampire chronicles.

Yes... I read the Vampire Chronicles >_<

And you don't have to be sorry... It just means when you come over... we'll just play Gears of War or some thing :P

3NINO said...

let's say Space Invaders and it's a date :-P

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