Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watson what's that smell?

So as I was going through my monthly intake of comic book titles, I came across an interesting number by DC/Wildstorm.

As we all know the recent Sherlock Holmes film that's gracing our theaters at the moment will no doubt be stirring all kinds of Holmes related merchandise. I'm sure the popularity of the books will pick up too as new 'fans' try to get their hands on more Sherlock Holmes. Expecting Robert Downey Jr and getting Basil Rathbone instead.

Now over the years we've seen the world's second greatest detective go up against all kinds of things. Many writers have taken Holmes out of his 'element' and placed him in various stories that range from pure delight to down right WTF.

So it should have come as no surprise when I came across this:

The Victorian Undead

When I was searching for pics to put up for the post, I mistakenly searched for Victorian DEAD instead of Victorian UNdead. The result of which was spooky shizz like this.

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