Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And Then?

And then I didn't go to work yesterday because I had a horrible pain in my chest :O

I was up all night tossing and turning because it hurt so bad that I couldn't go to sleep. It was weird because I haven't had a smoke since last Friday, so maybe it was some sort of crazy withdrawal symptom?

Or it could have been heart burn or a more likely scenario, it could have been a xenomorph growing inside my chest cavity. My chest is still intact which means .... it's still in there.

I'm all better now though so that's cool. I spent the day at home watching 30 Rock and PVPing in Dark Souls. But the later was kind of slow, maybe because all the kids I'm normally harassing were in school, so most of the day was spent lying in bed feeding my face and tripping on Tina Fey.

I also started watching Gantz, which is a pretty F'ed up anime with lots of blood, gore and occasional attempted rape thrown in for good measure.

It didn't grab me like Death Note, and the gore wasn't as fun as in DeadMan Wonderland, but it's got a huge following online so ima give it a few more episodes to see where it all goes.

The night before I was out looking for more horror/anime titles and came across a sweet little anime short called Kakurenbo which was about these little kids being chased by these crazy looking mechanical demons. It had a really nice atmosphere to the whole thing, and I wished it was more than 30mins long.


As I mentioned I did a bit PVPing in Dark Souls as well, I pretty much spent the morning parked out side the Boss chamber in Anor Londo, which is this really tough battle that a lot of people are left open to invasion for. I my self had been ambushed here heaps of times, so it was only fitting that I returned the misery :P

I also visited the USP bookshop yesterday afternoon to check on an order I made back in October last year. I went in fully prepared to kick up a very small stink and ask for my money back, but the book was in. So now I'll have to go back tomorrow when I get paid to clear the balance and pick up the book. The order was a collection of short stories by Harlan Ellison called I have no mouth and I must scream. Now this guy writes some fucked up Sci-fi, and I'm really looking forward to wrapping my head around it. Sci fi short film script soon to follow.

After that I visited the WWF office to hand in a video I had been working on. I'm doing a bit of volunteer work for them and as my first project I put together a short video on some of the projects that the organization is currently working on. It was very rewarding to have the WWF crew like my video because I have never cut anything like it before. Most of my work is commercial stuff so to work on something that's meant to raise awareness and pull support for a cause was interesting. I'm looking forward to the next project, they've even offered to take me along on their field trips so I can have a better understanding of what they do, that would be pretty cool.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to place an order for Demon Souls (PS3 Exclusive Spiritual prequel to Dark Souls) over at, as well as pick up Shadow of the Colossus HD from a local store. I keep hearing about how Demon Souls is so much harder than Dark Souls and I really just want to muck around in the "souls" world some more. I've already clocked like 100 hours on my current character and it's as exciting as ever.

Shadow of Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is another PlayStation exclusive title that I've heard so much about. When talking to most people I know about their favorite games on the PS, this game is always on the list of top faves. It's similar to Demons/ Dark Souls in the way that the main gameplay emphasis is on killing bosses, but in "Shadow" this idea is taken to the extreme with the entire game just being a massive journey to a boss fight. No baddies in between... just a horse ride to the boss.

Now this might sound sort of 'meh' but it surely works because the game is praised as an epic adventure, and I've heard that the story is meant to be a real tearjerker.

To top off my fun day at home, we had a power cut last night which resulted in my PC not starting up again. So this afternoon I'm dragging my buddy Mike up to my place to have a look at it. Normally my PC being down would cause me to have a small aneurysm, but lucky I had Dark Souls.

Plus I got to spend some quality time with my girl friend.

Speaking of whom, it's our 4 year anniversary this Saturday, so I'll need to plan something for that!

Wonder if she'll like Shadow of the Colossus.


Anonymous said...

And ZETAS sure are helping nail those politicians !
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Good for you.
bad for PANNS!
Call it ALLOUS?
Oh yeah.
Juries gonna looooooooove it.

Clarence Dass said...

um... what?

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