Friday, February 17, 2012

Heavenly Sword: First impressions

So yesterday I picked up Heavenly Sword for the PS3.

I've always been intrigued by this game because all the promotional materiel for it has a scantly clad woman with a giant sword. If there's two things I like it's Pringles and Coke.

When I loaded the game up the first thing that struck me was the amazing graphics. This game came out back in 2007, but it looks and plays like something a lot more current.

Everything from the cinematic cut scenes to the actual in game animations and graphics look like a moving piece of art.

You play as Nariko, a young woman whose entire clan hates her cause she wasn't born a boy. If she were born a boy she would have been destined to carry the Heavenly Sword, a powerful ancient weapon which is foretold to lead the clan against an unspeakable evil.

But as the armies of a ruthless Raven lord named Bohan (played by Andy Serkis) descends on their village, Nariko proves very capable of dishing out the hurt. So her reluctant father gives her the sword to look after during the battle.

But then shit gets stirred even harder and she is forced to take up the blade, that we find out drains the user of their life essence.

What follows is some of the maddest fighting I've come to play in a 'beat em up.'

Nariko fights like a cross between a pretty bird and a farkin hurricane. She flips and dances around enemies before smashing them to peices with furious attacks that make the game a joy to watch.

It's actually very easy to pick up but it takes a bit of time to learn all the combo moves and counters that Nariko has at her disposal.

There's a lot of reviews for the game out there, like this one from Gamespot, so I'm not gonna go into much details in relations to that, but even after reading all the praise for it I wasn't expecting such a spectacular game.

The disk I got was pretty awesome too as it came with a complete making of for the game as well as all the episodes for the Heavenly Sword animated series.

I didn't get to play too much of it last night as I'm currently suffering/ enjoying Demon Souls, but it is defiantly an awesome addition to my collection.

Check out the very cool video below that show's off the games combat as well as awesome style and graphics.

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