Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enough about Dark Souls!

Ok that's it. No more talking about Dark Souls.

I know you're probably sick of me going on and on about this amazing game, so I've decided to not bore you with it any longer. Even my blog is cluttered by it. With the back to back posts of the game I might as well change my blog name to "Zen and the Art of Dark Souls."

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But thank you very much for putting up with it. I know I can get carried away sometimes.

This could have very easily been a post about how I've started my 2nd character in Dark Souls, because I want to focus on building a toon with the sole purpose of PVP. I'm not gonna bother getting into the details, but I rolled a Knight this time around, because I thought he would be a perfect starter character for the PVP Death God I wish to create.

On my first play through one of my favorite weapons quickly became the Lifehunt scythe. A weapon that bleeds the enemy for a shit load of damage, but also hurts you a bit too. So to use this monster effectively against another player, it helps to level your toon accordingly. Now my new guy has massive bleed resistance, a shit load of hit points and he hits like a truck.

o and his name is Sir Issac. He was a noble knight who had given away to the hollow that's consuming Lordren. So he ventured forth to find some sort of cure for his horrid fate, but instead the dark deaths of the world changed him. Turning him into that which he tried to fight against. Now he travels the land, hunting others who were once like him.

Issac's a bad ass. Knowing the game mechanics now and the ins and out of stats and stuff has allowed me to fashion him into a very effective killing machine. I was particularly surprised when I fought Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. This was a very tough fight the first time around and even on New game+

But when Sir Issac took to the fight with his duel scythes he shredded the shit out of the two bosses.

What also amazed me was that I found some new areas this time around, even though this is the third time I'm going through the game. But what down right made me feel like a noob was the damn chracter creation screen.

If you read my first Impressions post for Dark Souls I was complaining about how you don't have much freedom when making your toon. Man that turned out to be bullshit because as I was creating Issac I saw a little tab which once clicked, opens up a whole mess of options and adjustments. The face creator in Dark Souls turned out to be pretty damn awesome. Maybe not as robust as Fallout3, but with more than enough tweaks to customize your character however you want.

Sir Issac is a pretty boy. With his long silver hair and chiseled good looks.

As I was creating him I couldn't believe I missed this feature the first time around. My 1st toon looks like hideous.

I also spent a few points to get myself some decent spells. So Issac's not just a melee toon, he also has some nice Pyromancy spells and miracles that make invaders cry.

I could really write up an awesome post update on what's happening with the game right now, but I'm going to spare you the details and just say that a 180 hours in and Dark Souls is still every bit as entertaining as the day I got it. It will be more than enough to hold me over till Demon Souls gets in this week.

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