Monday, April 9, 2012

And then?

And then tomorrow I go back to work after a four day Easter weekend.

Well it was meant to be a four day weekend but I had to work on the 1st day of it, which was a Friday, but it wasn't too bad because I had like the whole three seasons of Avatar: the last air bender to keep me going. The week before I had bought myself an Ukelele, so I took this to work as well. In between render times for my video and graphic files I just practice playing a song or two.

My girlfriend had to work that day too so that night we were both pretty much spent.

On Saturday morning after dropping my GF at work (yeah she worked Saturday too), I headed over to a friends place. He was having some complications with his other half so I decided to take him some breakfast. After which we had a quick smoke over some video game trailers before shooting off to town to muck around for a bit. This was nice cause it had been a while since the two of us had hung out in town.

That afternoon we played some PS3 and chilled with a few beers. I hardly have friends over, not sure why though. After dropping my buddy home my GF and I went for a drive, before heading back home to some old DVDs, chocolate biscuits and cuddles.

We tried watching a movie which was recommended by some friends called "Frequently asked questions about Time Travel" but this movie ended up being a snooze-fest. Just cause a movie is choked full of sci fi nerd references and a awkward title; doesn't mean it's gonna be good.

My girlfriend and I was spent the rest of the night singing to the ukelele.

Sunday morning was a bit annoying because I missed out on a Yum Cha breakfast with some friends. But my GF and I made something nice at home so it's cool. After working on some stuff around the house we headed off to a lunch over at my GF's grandmother's house. This was pretty sweet cause we spent the afternoon with her cousins sipping tea and sharing laughs.

I spent the night reading the Game of Thrones novel which so far is very awesome, even though I've seen the TV series till current. I'm so buying the rest of the books this week because I hate having to wait a week to see what happens next in the show.

O and then my GF and I played Rayman Origins until the batteries on one of our controllers died.

This morning over breakfast we watched a movie called Shame which starred Micheal Fassbender, now this film was interesting. Not something for the family, I guess it would be classed as an erotic movie? It was amazing because it had a strange subject matter but was also very sad and thought provoking. The movie was about this sex addict that couldn't seem to find any meaning in anything he did, so we get to see what he goes through as he struggles for some sort of connection with anything meaningful. This is putting it very briefly - but yeah it was an awesome movie. It was a departure from the sort of stuff we normally watch, so that in it self was refreshing.

Later we headed down to a local hotel to chill by the pool side and share the afternoon with my GFs cousins and sister in law. I took the ukelele down so it was a fun filled afternoon complete with music.

We took a lot of photos which was sweet because my GF is always wanting more photos of her and I. It was a beautiful day to be out too, cause the sun was nice and bright but it was actually very cool, at least down where we were. It's times like these that I'm thankful to live in a tropical country, cause you don't need too much funds to chill at a picturesque beach when there's nothing else to do.

We spent the night watching two movies with Peter Dinklage; the first one being The Station Agent and the other being a sweet little movie called Penelope which could have almost been a Disney Cartoon.

All and all I really had a great weekend thanks to my Girl friend and I really wanna find more things for us to do together. I also had a lot of time to myself which allowed me to reflect a bit on a few things. I do that now and then: Reflect.

Thank the gods for the short week ahead and it's a pay week too, so next weekend we'll have funds to live it up even more.

Hope you had yourself a great Easter; what did you get up to?

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