Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ZOMBIE PARKOUR 2 needs your support!

Even though I've worked on two short film projects and hope to dish out even more in the not so distant future, I don't really consider myself a film maker; at least not in the traditional sense.

I'm just a guy that has a few ideas of my own that I'd like to see play out and I'm fortunate enough to have friends that are willing to help bring these ideas to life.

It is very hard though to get a movie done. Even if you have like minded people putting in their time and effort to help out, the sheer cost of the littlest things add up like crazy.

Recently I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Bozant Katzakian, an independent film producer from NYC. He is part of the creative genies that produced the very awesome short "Zombie Parkour."

Zombie Parkour was a huge hit on the net and has gained over 160 thousand views to date. Now the crew behind the fun zombie action short are hoping to do a sequel to the project, aptly titled Zombie Parkour 2.

If you've seen Zombie Parkour (which is just up there at the top if you missed it) then you would know that these guys are very passionate about what they do. Especially looking at some of the risks the actual Parkour guys are putting themselves through.

We had no budget to really make this film but we pulled it off and the feedback has been incredibly positive. 160,000 hits on youtube ain't bad but its only the beginning. There's so much more we can do. We've just scratched the surface.

To get Zombie Parkour 2 under away the dedicated crew is looking to raise $25,000. This will go towards such things as wardrobe for the characters, as well as make up and prosthetics for the zombies. The money is also needed to secure such things as permits for shooting locations and even to do up certain environments to prepare it for scenes, not to mention paying for insurence for the actors and equipment.

Basically the guys are out to make Zombie Parkour 2 bigger and better than the first one, with huge action sequences, scarier zombies and madder Parkour moves.

Like I said, the first Zombie Parkour has already accumulated over a 160 thousands views online, now imagine if even half those views were kind enough to donate as little as a dollar towards this new project, the crew would be well on their way to making their project a reality, and giving you another mad awesome zombie short.

In the crews own words:

You'll help in taking the Zombie genre into someplace new and fresh and spreading the art of Parkour to more people around the world, and you get to possibly be a part of it and to also help advance peoples careers and possibly yours. If you can't donate anything then just spread the word.

Remember that even giving as little as a dollar could help these guys out. You can however donate as much as you want and you even get some cool extras if you do decide to contribute more.

You can visit the Zombie Parkour 2 "kick starter" page over at to make a donation. Simply click HERE to find out more about the project and how you can help.

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