Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dark Souls: PC edition Interview

Game Trailers released a very cool interview with one of the Dark Souls Dev team members, and he had a lot of info on the up coming pc edition of the game.

Darks Souls PC will feature new baddies

The video is here for you to check out, but the main points for me was that aside from the extra weapons and armor sets that will be added to the pc edtion, there is also a new story line added to the game which involves the player traveling back in time to meet up with the legendary Artorias.

At the moment he is but a great story that you hear about while venturing through the world of Dark Souls. Through certain quests and such you can get his Mighty shield which is arguably the best shield in the game, as well as a light and dark version of his great sword.

But it will be awesome to meet up with him and see what happens. There's also some hints at meeting up the 'alive version' of the Dusk of Oolacile, who currently is a sort of spirit that haunts this one area near a lake.

The PC edition has new Armor sets

There are also going to be additions to certain areas of the game including major developments to Dark Root Garden which at the moment is one of the games major PVP areas.

There are also new enemies in the game along with two bosses, one of which is a farkin Dragon. Now Dragons play a huge part in the lore of Dark Souls, so it will be interesting to know exactly who this new (or old) dragon is and what role did it play in the fall of his kin.

For a Dark Souls fan this is farkin exciting stuff and I hope some of this makes it to consoles as DLC - if not I have no hesitations about buying the PC version.

Check out the interview

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