Monday, May 14, 2012

And Then?

And then I was sick for most of last week.

Nothing too serious, just a bit of the flu, but it was enough to keep me in bed for most of the weekend and two working days.

The week before this however was good fun. My best bud Dane (A high school buddy of mine) had come to visit from Australia and for the five or so days that he was here we pretty much just drank beers and had a great time hanging out.

Dane's first night in was enough to burn out a lot of my gang here, but I managed to stick with it. We spent his last night in Suva smashing beers and chilling to a live band before heading off to the West.

It was kinda hard getting time off from work, but I managed to convince my boss to give me a few days.

The West was good fun.

Dane had booked us in to this very nice beach resort which was a massive pain in the ass to find, only because we had to drive pretty far off the main road. Once we got there we found that it was amazingly beautiful but also very dull.

 The Beach at Club Fiji resort. That pool to my right is waist deep

So after spending a moment to admire the place, we decided to scout around for some place else. This was despite my buddy already having paid for the rooms and such. Instead of asking for a refund we decided that we would come back early in the morning and make full use of the complementary breakfast that came with the accommodation.

While looking for this place we had grown bored of, we had seen another resort not too far off that looked like it had a lot of people closer to our age having fun, so we decided to pay this place a visit.

When we got there the place was alive with music and there were all these people just dancing on the beach, so Dane decided to book us in there so we could take part in whatever was going on.

After we checked in and bought some beers we noticed that the place had a camera crew mucking around. One of them was my Buddy Damien, who was the cameraman on our last short film. We asked him what was going on and he said that they were shooting some British movie about a rock band and that they would be gone by 8pm.


Then I guess the only people there would be us?

Ah well...

So we downed our beers and went for a nice swim, chilling in the water with the sun setting behind us. At some point we had some tourists doing some sort of Yoga stuff on the beach, which was interesting.

The rest of the night was spent drinking beers and chatting about all the stuff we used to get up to back in high school, which was nice. Aside from Kaos Kongo there are very few people from my high school days that I get to chat with, which really sucks because sometimes its nice to hang with people who really know you, or have seen you grow over the years.

The next day we headed back to the other resort and had this complementary breakfast, followed by an awesome full body massage. It was my first time getting one of those and it was a little uncomfortable at first, especially when I had to take my pants off, but after awhile it was pure bliss.

Mucking around Nadi town was interesting, especially since the place was still sort of recovering from recent flooding. It was sad to see a lot of the familiar shops closed and even sadder seeing others having "Closing Down" sales.

At some point we ended up in a shop where the girls thought they recognized me from my TV show, I heard one of them say "That's not him, his a lot skinnier on the show"


It was sad seeing my friend off at the air port. Even though he comes in and out of Fiji more than a few times a year, it's still always sad. He was my best bud back in high school and people will just never get you like the friends you grew up with.

That week ended with a party at the office to celebrate the launch of our live NEWS broadcast, which was a lot of fun too. There was a nice spread of food and drinks, and I got to watch a few of my work mates get drunk and disorderly.

The next day I woke up with grim death clutching at my throat, and spent the next four days being sick in bed.

In the middle of this I did pick up a game (of course)

I got my self Resistance 3, which is a very cool shooter. It sort of felt like a cross between Killzone and Half Life 2. not as awesome as Half Life mind you, but still with more story than your average FPS. Plus I really dig the horror elements to it. I also picked up Portal 2 last week, which was on a Steam Special, so I'm looking forward to mucking around in that. 

The last weekend was spent with my lovely Girl Friend. Just hanging out in town, grabbing lunches and dinners out and just pretty much enjoying each others company, which has been a nice change of pace lately.

Aside from that it's been a slow start to the week, with my mind and body just not wanting to do anything constructive just yet.

This blog post is the most I've focused my mind all day.

Now ima go have a smoke.

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