Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dead Space 3!

Okay... I think it's starting.

The official Dead Space site has put up a video. It's a short teaser that looks like a motion comic. Now even though the clip is titled "A graphic novel short", it's not clear if this is a teaser for an up coming Dead Space graphic novel, or if it's a quick teaser for Dead Space 3 made to look like a motion comic.

Either way - it's got me pretty excited because even it is a teaser for a graphic novel, I'm sure it will lead to the events of Dead Space 3.

There has been some info out on DS3 for a while now, but nothing substantial. We know that it is going to be set on a frozen planet, and it's also been mentioned that it will have co-op.

The video on the site, which you can find below, features a new character named John Carver. Will this be Isaac's co-op buddy? If so he looks pretty bad ass, especially with the mad design for his rig. According to the description of the vid John is some kind of security officer, it would be a nice change of pace to play a trained combatant with actual military weapons as opposed to Isaac and his improvised weapons. Though in part 2 Isaac was pretty bad ass himself. In clip John does have some kind of high powered firearm.

The video gives us a glimpse at some crazy looking Necromorphs too, and the frozen setting I'm sure will be a welcome change from the closed halls ways and such of the previous two games.

There's also marker glyphs on the top of the site page, and some have concluded that it might be a timer counting down to something.

 It's all pretty exciting stuff. For all the great games I play and all else any other title may offer - Nothing beats Dead Space for me.

Can't wait to find out more.

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