Friday, June 1, 2012

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition coming to Consoles as DLC


Man this is good news, in fact it's great news. It's probably the best gaming news I've gotten in a while.

I was so freakin pissed when I heard that the PC edition of Dark Souls was getting new content that the console guys were missing out on. So pissed that I even started a petition for console DLC (which didn't do to good), but today Forum Software released a new trailer which reveals more details on the upcoming content, and also announced that it's coming to 360 and Ps3 :D

I can not wait for this DLC - Don't think I've ever been more excited about DLC before.

Non- Dark Souls enthusiasts don't release how important this new materiel is to fans of the game. The new quest lines offer so much back story and looks to explain a lot of what is happening in the Dark Souls world, which is so damn enigmatic.

The story as it is right now is so secretive and you are tasked with piecing so much on your own, with the new quest line that takes you to the worlds past, bringing you face to face with Artorias, who is a central figure in the events that lead to your current adventure, now we have more pieces to piece together :P

Plus we get to see a lot of Lordran in it's former glory.

New quests, new mosnters, new bosses and amour sets - August can't come soon enough.

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