Friday, June 1, 2012

DOOM 3 BFG Edition

As if the news of new Dark Souls content coming to consoles wasn't good enough, last nigth my buddy Mike mentioned that one of my top 3 games of all time is getting the 're-master' treatment.

Doom 3 was an obsession of mine when I first got it upon release. So many hours spent running through Dooms dark corridors, mowing down hell spawns as I raced to save my very soul from the clutches of evil. Years before that it was Doom 2 that kept me up all night when I got my first PC.

Well it seems that sometime with in the next 6 months iD software and Bethesda will be releasing a re-mastered version of the game. I assume this means it will have higher resolution textures? The Doom 3: BFG editon, as it's called, will also come with extra levels too.

I actually just bought Doom 3 again not too long ago on Steam, along with it's expansion pack - but so don't mind getting this new edition too.

After the mixed bag that was Rage, iD must be trying to get back to some familiar ground. With Doom 4 said to be not too far off, I wonder if the gand daddy of FPS's is looking to reclaim it's thrown. Check out the trailer below. I can't really tell the difference >_<

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