Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dead Space 3: Action over Horror

People have been playing Dead Space 3 down at E3,and the results are up on a few gaming sites.

So far all the hype is geared towards the new Co-op feature that Visceral has added to the game and there's also good things to be read about the new open world environment.

This time around Isaac can even scavenge for items and equipment, and the drop in/ drop out gameplay of co-op means you get to explore the new open world environment of a frozen planet with a friend.

Some might argue that this co-op feature takes away from the scare factor of Dead Space - but that's bull shit because Dead Space was never scary to begin with.

Yes it had horror elements which gave way to freaky looking enemies, but Dead Space was never Silent hill. If anything it was a Action game with horror elements,  Dead Space is not Ridley Scott's Alien but rather James Cameron's Aliens.

You were always empowered in Dead Space and no matter what the baddies threw at you, you could shoot the shit out of it. Dead Space 2 built on this by shifting the focus more to action, but it did all this in a creepy setting.  Now it seems that Dead Space 3 is building on this even more.

Plus Dead Space 2 added so much more to the gameplay with its changes, which kept the game fresh. It would be so much easier for Visceral to stick to the formula it concoctedin part one, but I for one admire them for taking risks and rethinking things.

Destructoid has a hands on article for Dead Space 3 - check it out here.

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