Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Dead Redemption: After Thoughts

I think the more complicated something gets, the more chances it allows for imperfections. In the end - nothing's perfect.

After so many hours spent enjoying Red Dead Redemption, there I finally was at the end of my journey. The last of my former gang members who I was charged to bring in was making a run for it, I caught up to him... and without spoiling anything ... I sorted him out.

This is what I set out to do and it was done - now I can rest knowing I've beaten the epic story that Red Dead Redemption had offered.

But no.... Now I get to go home to my wife and son now. meh- ok I'll go.

Now I'm at my farm. Now I have to take the cows out to graze, and then I have to go kill some crows that's eating my corn. My son wants to hunt - I'll take him hunting. We need to wrangle some new horses - I'll do that. The farm down the road needs some weat. I better ride out there and give em some wheat and then I'll !@#Wait a farking minute!

What the fark is all this? I just started a revolution in Mexico man! ...and then I took out one of the most ruthless outlaws ever to ride these open plains, why am I forced to do these farkin bullshit you know what a bad ass I am?

... and then some soldiers show up and shoot you dead. Wait what?

Now suddenly I'm playing my son.

Ok - this might be interesting. I guess I'll track down the son of a bitch that screwed me over. Wait his just there, his old and he likes fishing. Bang his dead - end credits.


Talk about anti- climatic! This game seriously should have ended two hours sooner than it did. After all the mad action and  awesome game play mechanics, Red Dead spends its final hours being Farmville, before giving you a "real ending" that felt too damn rushed and forced.

It really killed the excitement of the game for me because it's such a mad contrast to the rest of the game. And it's not like you can't do it - because I for want want to get a 100% on that game progression bar.

Don't get me wrong - The "hero" being shot and killed at the end for all his crimes and such was very poetic, and I loved it... it made for awesome story telling and a great ending, but I think the story should have struck while the iron was hot and not bore you to sleep before trying to jolt you awake with it.

I put my controller down utterly hating what I just played.

Later that night I thought I'd find some redemption in Red Deads: Undead Nightmare mode. Sadly this wasn't gonna happen either.

Undeadnightmare started off very nice - but gets very repetitive very soon.  

First off - the lush world of Red Dead lends it's self greatly to a horror setting, and firing a shoot gun into a zombies face is very satisfying - the first 50 times you do it. Though ecstatically Undead Nightmare turns Red Dead into a horror game, the greater points of the game are lost. Gone is the epic story and awesome side missions.

Now you have two tasks, a hand full of towns that need to be cleaned of the zombie outbreak, and missing persons that need to be found. Getting rid of zombies in towns is broken down to a simple formula too - climb a high vantage point and shoot at things, because charging zombies just don't work well with Red Deads gun play mechanics.

I played Undead Nightmare for about an hour last night and the only thing that kept me going was the urge to collect the rare horses.

Funny thing is, while playing Red Dead Redemption at one point I loaded up Splatterhouse, and the difference in quality really made Splatterhouse look mid-core, but playing Undead Nightmare and then switching to Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse really shined with the horror elements.

All in all Red Dead Redemption is still an awesome game, but if you're ever going to play it be sure to make the most of it and don't rush to end it.

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