Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dead Space: Downfall

...Was pure win.
The animated prequel to EA's amazing survival horror game Dead Space, Dead Space: Downfall was awesome. It was so cool to watch people living and ultimately dying in the world of Dead Space. Especially since all the locations you see in the film are places you explore in-game.

It's also cool to be in on things the heroes in the animated movie don't know. Like during this one point in the movie when this chick slices open this huge, fat Necromorph... I was thinking, "don't do it! Just slice the head! cause if you cut him open..."

Then all these little things come out and eat her.

There was a slight over site in the movie though. At one point one of the characters takes an elevator down to what she says is the maintenance deck. In the game that elevator leads to a set of research labs, and the maintenance deck is in a totally different part of the ship.

Also... they have these really cool laser chainsaws in the movie. Sadly these aren't in the game. In the movie they bare a resemblance to the games Plasma Cutter. Maybe the movie uses an earlier concept of the cutter.

There are also nice easter eggs in the film, like a scene with the Issac Clarke's girl friend being asked if she has a boy friend she wants to see again. And how at one point the captain dies and his body is taken to the morgue, where in the game you have to get a key card from.

On a side note, I don't think you'd enjoy the movie much with out reading the comics and playing the actual game. Plus the whole thing has a very downer ending. After watching this however, it made me want to play the game some more, and not let the characters deaths be in vain. Especially this one chick that sends out the distress beacon.

I'ma go avenge her death right now.

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Wilson said...

Ima watch this movie on the weekend ;)

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