Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zombies: The new Cool?

Is it just me or are Zombies becoming a lot cooler then they once were? It seems if you wanna add a little more cred to anything now days....go zombie.

Esp in video games... It looks like the winning ingredient now days is "just add zombies"

Stalker...Halo... and even recently in World Of Warcraft.

Zombies are creeping into everything. Even our local pirate video chain (the one that has "Commitment to quality") seems to be stocking up on loads of Zombie movies.

Marvels Comics went as far as getting their heroes infected and causing mayhem in their recent 'Marvel Zombies' saga.

And not to be out done... Even Rock Stars recent effort, Grand Theft Auto 4 isn't safe. I thought that, like the San An game before it, some yahoo would eventually make a mod to add zombies to the mix. But it seems Rock Star can't wait...and have added em in any way. Read what i got in my mail this morning:

There is a virus sweeping through Grand Theft Auto IV turning many unsuspecting players into Zombies. If you’ve seen the special Zombie-with-yellow-briefs player skin running around during Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer, then you may already know that the virus can be contracted in any and all multiplayer modes and is spread when an unsuspecting player kills someone who has the infection (note that the infected don’t necessarily have to be wearing the Zombie skin, some show no symptoms!). The signs of infection are: access to the zombie skin and having the Achievement “Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie”. With the all-new Viral Infection feature at the Rockstar Social Club, members can now see whether they are currently infected, the number of total global infections and the number of infections in the last 24 hours. Digging deeper, Social Club members can also browse a color-coded world map tracking the spread of the infection worldwide, including breakdown for all 50 US States.

On a side note: Not every one in WoW is currently happy with the recent Zombie out Break. 1UP had a very interesting article about it which you can find here.

Edit: On the same day I wrote this post, The gaming news site Kotaku had an article which was titled Zombies+Anything=Awesomer. The article very briefly talks about how the next Call of Duty game has a Zombie mode at the end of it.

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