Sunday, October 26, 2008

I loved DOOM3

I really did.When I got my first real computer back in 2005, my buddy MJ installed on it a copy of Doom3, and it was love at first site. (In love with the game...not MJ)

When I had got my first shit PC in 1996, it came with a copy of Doom2. I played that game to bits. As I got behind the shotgun of Doom3, fond memories of sleepless nights and failed exams filled my head. Complete with an Iron maiden Sound track.

I was so into Doom3 that I even got a copy for my X box (Edit: Limited Collectors Edition that comes in a metal case). Even though i had finished it on PC on the nightmare setting. As if that wasn't enough, I also got The making of Doom3 book.
To bad the movie sucked though...and so did the expansion pack done by Raven software.

Doom 3 the game though was pure joy. Some people said that it didn't have much of a story...and that it played a bit too leaner. I thought it had more than enough story to justify shooting things in the face, and if you want more freedom of choice, go play something else.

Doom3 was spooky as too. Never had a game made me so terrified to go into a dark room. Sure it was all just polygons, and textures. But that's like saying The Exorcist was just make up.

I started thinking about Doom3 today as I was making my way through the bloodied halls of Dead Space. There's nothing like running down a deserted hallway with something big bad and ugly on ya tail, and your down to your last clip.

Here are some comics I did using the Doom3 game engine. You're going to have to save and zoom into em to read it properly:


Romeroson said...

I loved that game, too. Great, the cartoons.

L.Cass said...

Thanks man, I did them while i was studying Cartooning and Animation. Doom3 became a bit more than an obsession then lol.

You should try Dead Space. That game would be the closest I've seen to Doom.

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