Friday, February 26, 2010

Au Sable is messing with my head

It's 2am and I've spent the last hour or so playing through a little indie game called Au Sable.

I'd like to think it was made by the devil to mess with my head... but it's made by this one guy named Amon Desiree... or Amon26 to the internet.

I'm really not sure if it's the hour, or the games crazy black and red graphics in the game... or the insane amount of coffee I've consumed tonight. But I feel creeped out, a little disturbed and totally amazed.

I am a huge fan of horror games... plus I love them old school platform shooters. Au Sable successfully delivers up the goods to satisfy my thrust for both.

Graphically Au Sable is very simple yet beautifully stylized. Though I use the word "Beautiful" very sparingly, because the shades and shapes that are mixed to bring Au Sable to life, make for a game that is a lot darker than it's graphics. In fact, I was a bit taken back by the level of dark imagery and atmospher the game strives to achieve.

This game really goes to show that you don't need flashy hardware braking graphics to deliver the chills.

Because with very surreal and well placed visual/ audio ques... this little monster was actually giving me little scares.

Like walking up to a bridge that suddenly turns into a bloody water fall with you plummeting down the side, before snapping back to a bridge with you walking harmless across it.

Or how about walking up to a tree that turns into a huge shadowy creature, with a girl's lifeless body hanging off one of the branches... then suddenly you see that there is no tree, and that your standing on some ledge.

And all this is just in the first few moments of the game. Don't get me started on the crazy fun you start to have when you get your hands on a gun.

Maybe I'm just a cheap sucker for this kinda stuff... but this is one game I think you should defiantly check out if you're looking for something interesting.

Hats off to the guy who made it for sharing his nightmare with us, I hope you sleep well tonight... cause I know I won't :P

Check out this write up on Au Sable over at Destructoid... along with a link to a download of the game at the bottom of the article.

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