Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zombie Shooter...everything I ever wanted.

Last week I found a gem of a game... well I found two of em, because there's a part one and a part two.

It's called Zombie Shooter... and it just total owned me. As in... it knew what I would want in a zombie game and it delivered just that. It's developed by a couple of guys who call them selves the Sigma Team, and I hope for only great things in their future.

When I got my hands on Zombie Shooter 1, I was totally blown away. Now mind you this game is not intended to be competing with the big market games out there, boasting mad graphics and such. This little monster has an audience... and it's people who love the thrill of a good zombie movie.

The key concepts in a zombie movie are: Zombies, guns and lots of blood and gore.

Zombie shooter delvers on this with a smile. In fact that's all I was doing as I was piling up the floors with layers and layers of dead zombie guts... I couldn't stop smiling.

You take on the role of a survivor in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and all you have to do is kill shizz and move on. In terms of story telling, Zombie Shooter may be a bit lacking, but since when do we need a reason to shoot zombies?

You're given a dozen or so guns and are left to explore the world. The game unfolds in a series of isometric levels that range from out door environments, to sewers and laboratories. All of which do a marvelous job of giving you a sense of dread and isolation. The action in the game gets very intense, with literally hundreds of zombie hordes lining up to take a bite out of you. And as if the zombies would ever get boring, higher levels introduce a few enemies who come armed with guns as well.

With all the big name titles that I've been getting and that are always being talked about, this was a nice little get away from me.

Zombie Shooter 2 expands on the idea of part one and adds a bit more of a story element to the game. Giving the player an option to choose one of 6 characters, each with their own starting attributes. As you level up through killing and exploring, you're able to apply skill points to your chracter, which makes them stronger or faster, maybe let them carry more ammo or have better aim.

Part two of the game also has a very nice look to it, as it's presented sort of like an old horror movie. With most of the game being in black and white, except for certain elements here and there... like the blood, which is a gory red in contrast. It also has a bit of a film grain to it which adds to the zombie movie allure of the whole thing.

Zombie Shooter 2

The action in part two is allowed to develop a little slower compared to part one, but once it kicks in it doesn't let up. Giving you a few new zombie types to take on, as well as boasting up to 60 different weapon types... Zombie Shooter two ate a lot of my sleepless nights.

This a great series of games, and I would encourage you to defiantly look it up.

Now... there is some slack that goes to Zombie Shooter 2, because the guys that made it, also made a game called Alien Shooter. They get crap because the games are carbon copies of each other, except one has aliens and the other has zombies.

... I don't care.

This game is simply about shooting things... and you pick up the one that has things that you like shooting at. Having played Alien Shooter after I played Zombie Shooter did nothing to take away the joy that Zombie Shooter lit in my heart.

I love this game and can't wait for part 3.


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