Thursday, February 4, 2010

EA's Earthly Rewards

Say what you will about EA...but those guys know how to please.

Today I read something over at Kotako about how the EA guys promoting their latest effort Dante's Inferno, did a little tempering with the source code for their front page.

Basically they embedded some nifty ASCII art into it, along with clues to a new promotion. You end up getting a a whole lot of shizz from other sites that all direct you to this one site, where you to submit a bunch of passwords which in turn unlocks a download for a zip fire.

So I got the passwords, which were hidden in the source codes of a whole bunch of other web sites, and I went ahead and started the down load.

And then I got some goodies...

The file unzips into a folder that has a bunch of wallpapers, with some really cool vintage looking art, as well as hi res screen grabs from the new Dante's Inferno Super Bowl trailer, which airs during the game on the 7th of this month.

You also a get a sneak peek at the music of the game with a few MP3 bits of the sound track, as well as a 25 page art book which I personally found very cool, and was the high light of the pack for me.

O and you get some hi res (3300 x 5100) posters ... so yeah.

Thanks EA...

But you know you had me at Issac Clarke.

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