Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soundless Mountain: pure 8bit scares

I love my emulators...

I have spent countless hours playing through the likes of the Splatter House series, Castlevania, Doom troopers and shizz load of other titles. All the titles I could only dream of having as a kid... I now "own."

That said... last night I came across something interesting.

I play a lot of indie games and I'm always visiting the indie game sites and downloading new games to keep me busy. Every now and then I do a search for "indie Horror games", which doesn't usually always yield much.

But tonight I got me a little title called "Soundless Mountain 2"

What is it? It's a 2D, NES-ish version of Silent Hill 2

I read up a bit about it on Destructoid, and I found out that it was meant to be part of a 'de-making' competition. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

I decided to give the game ago, because I personally am starving for retro looking horror games. It started out nice... I thought the music was good, the interface was very simple.

But the moment I picked up that damn busted transistor radio... and I heard that crackling. This game became the shizz.

I felt like I was taken back in time, to when I would sit inches away from my tv screen, playing the likes Frankenstein and Ghosts and Ghouls. Except unlike those games... this was genuinely creepy. After awhile, I started looking past the 8 bit graphics and just got caught up in it.

The developer did a sweet job of capturing the original Silent Hill 2's feel. What Soundless Mountain lacks in graphics, it defiantly makes up for in everything else. It comes of as more than just a novelty, and really does stand out as a good game. If this thing had come out at the height of NES games, it would have made kids piss their pants.

Now granted this may not be every ones idea of a good time, but the best thing is that it's free. You can grab your self a download here.

There's an interview with Jasper Byrne, the guy who made the game, over at

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