Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Film Project: Editing done

So I've finished editing our up coming short zombie film, which my friends and I will be submitting to the 2010 Fiji Kula Film festival.

After a couple of days of editing, I was very pleased with the results. It's been awhile since I sat behind a video editor, but getting into editing was like riding a bike. (I used to be a video editor over at Fiji Television)

The film came together very well, aside from a few sound issues here and there which I'm trying to sort out right now. But with the small budget that we had, and considering we did everything in one day, we managed to get done everything we wanted. No shots were left out because we couldn't do it, no scenes were too hard. And our long hours of practising the fight sequences really helped.

I also just finished laying out the colour filters for it, and am loving the look of the film.

After trying a few different colour choices, I decided to go with a cool blue look to the film, it's a look that I've seen a lot of indie horror films use. Aside from making the footage look slightly creepy, it was very useful to fix shots that were too bright or too dark. Maybe that's why the look is so popular?

The pics I've put up a little stretched, but that'll be sorted in the export render, which I'm hoping to try out tomorrow.

I'll put up a small clip of the film sometime this week, followed by a trailer next week, all this is for the Facebook page that I made for the movie, because all the other cool kids are doing it.

Can't wait to see this thing on the big screen at the festival.

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