Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Splatterhouse E3 trailer kicks ass

I haven't bought anything new for the 360 for a very long time. The last game I got on it was Super Street Fighter 4, bought for my by a friend of mine in from Australia.

Up until awhile ago all I was waiting for game wise was Dead Space 2 that's been set to release some time in January next year. I might pick up some other odd titles along the way, but Dead Space 2 would be my MUST HAVE tile.

...well that and the new SPLATTERHOUSE!

I've been going on about this game for a few posts now, and so far everything I've seen regarding this game has been mind blowing. Including the new E3 trailer that recently came out.

It looks totally awesome, and shows us a little of the main characters with a bit of story too. Including poor old Jennifer being taken from little old Rick, before he puts on the terror mask!

Check it out for ya self... I swear of there is one game I pick up for my 360 for the remaining of the year, it'll be this one.

I think I'll just stash some of my next pay somewhere for this, in case by some odd reason I don;t have money when it comes out :P

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