Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ghostbusters Vs Cthulhu

So I've been watching a lot of The Real Ghostbusters lately, ever since I got my hands on the new PC game a few weeks back, and last night I came across a particularly amazing episode.

I don't like to believe in coincidences, but when I'm not working or playing Ghostbusters, I'm been reading a lot of Lovecraft; seeing how I just got my self the Necronomicon. So I was pretty stoked when I came across an episode of Ghostbusters called "The Collect Call of Cathulhu."(I'm guessing they stuck an "A" in there for pronunciation)

I was kind of expecting some half ass story about some ghost or such thing that kinda has some resemblance to everyone's favourite elder god. What I got instead was a full on homage to not only the Cthulhu mythos, but some of the more notable writers that shared the pages with Lovecraft back in the day.

The story starts off with the Necronomicon going on exhibition down at the New York Museum, when it's stolen by a horrible tentacle creature. The guy running the museum, Clark Aston (nod to Clark Aston Smith) calls up the Ghostbusters informing them about the theft. Immediately Egon starts freaking out because he know's all about the kind of dark powers the book has, Stanz even makes a reference about how he used to read about the book and Cthulhu in Weird Tales magazine as a kid.

Peter of course is oblivious to all of this and is more worried about a date he just missed out on.

They track the tentacle creature from the museum into some swears, but when confronting them they find that their proton packs are of little to no use, even against the mere "Spawns of Cthulhu." So they make a retreat and decide they need to know more about what their up against.

To find out more about the book they enlist the help of Necronomicon expert Alice Derleth (August Derleth) who informs the Ghostbusters of how the book can be used to summon Cthulhu once very 60 years.

So our heroes head off to find the doomsday cult that Derleth believes is responsible for the theft. But they get there just in time to see great Cthulhu rise from his acient slumber.

The episode is full of quotes from many of lovecraft's books and even the feel of it is a little spookier than a normal Ghostbusters episode. And having the show treat Cthulhu like the empedning doom that he is and not just some smuck ghost was very cool.

There's even an appearance by a Mr. Howard (Robert Howard) who is a rare book collector that helps the Ghostbusters by lending them some old copies of Weird Tales that might have a way of stopping the elder god.

I've actually said way more than enough, how about you just check out the episode below :P


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