Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La Horde

I got to watch the new French zombie film La Horde today, and man was it good.

I had seen the trailer for this film a few weeks back, and thought it looked pretty brutal, so I had some expectations when watching this movie... gladly it didn't disappoint.

Though not mind numbingly action packed like the trailer suggests, the Horde starts off with what is essentially a pretty thin yet highly effective story. Some cops are out to take down the crummy criminals who iced one of their buddies. They get to a location, intercept the baddies, and then suddenly there's a zombie invasion.

... like I said: thin.

But it don't matter at all, because the Horde is to zombies what Dusk till dawn was to vampires.

It sets you up for one story and then drops you in the middle of something else.

The version I saw was French with subtitles, so it was kinda hard for me to judge the acting. But everyone filled their roles convincingly, though there were a few through away parts in there just to get the initial body count up and running. The movie looks great though with mad pacing awesome action shots that kept me excited the whole time I was watching.

Sometimes the film was so frantic and the visuals so over the top that it almost felt like a comic book movie.

The zombies in the show were not Dawn of the Dead remake standard in terms of make up and what not, but they ran and screamed very well. The make on these guys were a little more than blood and injuries, but the film moves to jarringly that the lack of detail is totally lost, and what you're left with is a mad zombie feeding frenzy that you just want to run away from.

My favourite part would have to be this one bit where the main guy is on top of a car in an underground garage, just hacking and shooting away at an ocean of zombies that's gathering around him. And his not even the most bad ass guy in the film.

Watch out for the crazy guy with the axe!

This is not at all a review by the way, if you want one keep checking out The Horror Club cause they'll have a review for it up soon. But I do want to say that if you like action and if you like zombies, this film will let you pass the time with a smile on your face.

It gets weak sometimes, but it very quickly picks it's self up and gets back into the gory zombie action, which is really all I want from a zombie movie.

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