Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't drop the soap

When Ben Templesmith draws a werewolf... he draws em like you've never seen.

Last night I treated my self to the first two issues of T-Smiths fairly new series 'Welcome to Hoxford' and man was it sweet.

Imagine a bunch of hardcore criminals... I'm talking psychopaths that range from serial rapists, murderers to necrophiliacs. All these guys are on death row in a huge prison... that is being run...



Yes... I smiled too.

From the first page till the end this baby looked sweet as. The whole look of the comic is very dark and brooding, which is classic Templesmith. As far as the story goes... the first issue does a cool job of setting things up, and the 2nd book gets underway to tearing shizz up.It reads close to 30 Days of Night, in the sense that it feels like a balls out horror movie. Basic on what needs to be basic... heavy on what we want from a horror story.

Which all was fine for me.

Plus it has werewolves man... I was kinda stirred back into werewolves a bit after watching Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. This baby was just what I needed. You don't get to see the beasties do much in the first two issues... but what little you do see gets you hungry for more.

Like I said earlier... When Ben Templesmith wants to draw werewolves... he really draws em mean :D

Creepy art....spooky atmosphere, and characters that are interesting enough to make you want to see em get mauled. Stop reading... go get it.


Templesmith said...

Glad you dug it sir!

Did you know last week the news broke that Chris Columbus & his production company 1492 are optioning Hoxford for a possible film now too?

Hope you like how it ends!


L.Cass said...

Hey Ben...can I call you Ben?

Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, as soon as I posted that up I did a bit of digging around and found the news about the movie deal. That'll be interesting.

I'm still holding my breath for a Wormwood movie...

Thanks again for the comment... Can you please draw me a zombie Batman?

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