Sunday, March 29, 2009

So I just finished Reisdent Evil 5

Yeah... well.. like 30 minutes ago I did. Clocked in at 13hours and 18mins.

It was fun... at times.

In the end I just stopped seeing it as Resident Evil and saw it more as an action shooter. You get used to the clunky controls, but that's not saying much. And I'm sorry, but whatever these African's in the game are infected with.. it's not turning em into Zombies. Not in the 'Night of the living dead' kind of way... more like mindless crazies. Nothing to scare you or freak you out. In fact, there wasn't a single 'jump out of your seat' moment :(

At one point my GF was like... "I thought this game had zombies in it"

And I'm like "Yeah... see... they're shooting at me"

'Those looks more like pissed off rebels"

"I think you mean Zombie pissed off rebels"

There were a couple of cool baddies here and there, but nothing too fancy.

It did get a little difficult towards the end, but not because the levels got trickier, but rather because I started coming up against baddies with greater hit points. I hate when Games make them selves difficult by just buffing up HP. The lack off ammo made things more frustrating rather then encourage tactile play.

Plus... what is the point of setting the game in such a wide open country like Africa, if all your gonna do is have confined spaces. You can't explore jack shit cause the game is very leaner, and the areas a small nit.

As a standard action game, Resident Evil 5 was pretty cool. I really liked the Shotguns, you get a few of em. And the upgrade system kinda allows you to customize your game play. The Sniper riffle was fun too, picking off gunners here and there out of the dark before moving. This made the messy gun fights fun. Although these gun fights also made the game seem even less like Resident Evil or a survival horror... but it was entertaining.

I think I'm just spoiled by the other games I've played... I judge my action games by Gears and my Survival Horror by Dead Space. This game tried to do both and played midcore at both.

Play it and give it back.

You want the next big thing in Survival Horror? You won't find it here.

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