Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nightmares over coffee

Click for better view

On the top is a vampire that my GF asked me to draw while we were drinking cheap coffee with my mates at Mc Donalds.

The old guy is someone I saw in a dream I had last night.

Yeah... I had this tripped out dream where I was on like a rowing boat. But it was really long... and it was floating through the air in some suburban area. I was sitting there surrounded by all these creepy ghouls and goblins and ghosts and shizz. But they weren't mean or trying to hurt or scare me. They were all just chatting amongst them selves.

There was this old guy there, with like a pocket-watch... and he was pacing up and down the center of the boat looking at it.. Suddenly we came to this old house and the old guy stopped the boat. Then he dragged this creepy wretched looking thing, that kinda looked like an old lady in a hood, out to the front of the boat and then forced her to go into the house.

A while after the 'old lady' entered the house, I heard screams. Then the boat went on.

Some how I had gathered that the boat and the old guy... were delivering hauntings.

I smell a new comic idea brewing in me head :D


TF said...

Nice to know someody else has weird-shit-o-meter topping dreams too!
This almost beats my 'human pizza' nightmare.
It certainly sounds like a good comic.
Get to work, dream-boy :-D

Wilson said...

A Haunting Deliverer?

Sign me up under "Curiouser and curiouser" ;)

Also - where's the coffee stains? :P They add...texture lol

iBluff :D

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