Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes I've been slack

I know I know... it's been awhile since I wrote something up here. I've just been caught up with so many things. Plus Street Fighter 4 makes my thumbs hurt :(

I did show you my Spore Creature earlier :P

So what's new?

Well.. I finished Season 3 for Supernatural this afternoon. I know it aired a long time ago...but I live in Fiji, I'm lucky to have even heard of the damn thing. A friend of mine got his hands on season 1 through to 3... so I borrowed it off him and started watching it like last week.

Lets just say with about 22 episodes each in seasons 1 and 2...and 16 episodes in season 3... I've watched a lot of Supernatural these past few days.

For Valentines I took my GF to go see 'My Blood Valentine' in full glorious 3D!

I normally hate remakes... but this baby was pretty decent. Plus it had that guy who plays Dean in Supernatural, that rocked. It may not have been an amazing movie... but the 3D shizz and the cheap scares were enough to keep me entertained.

I also went to watch the Friday the 13th remake with my GF. Feb 13th was her birthday. Sadly I didn't find the F13 outing too worthwhile. Sure it was a brand new movie with my hero Jason slashing shizz up... but for some reason I felt as though the producers new mix of the Jason formula didn't go down well. At the end of the movie I found it a little lacking.

Hack harder Jason!...Harder!

And I really liked Jason X... so for me to feel this way mad me sad. Cause I really was looking forward to the new one. In the end I felt the movie didn't do for the F13 franchise what Rob Zombie did for the Halloween franchise.

On the zombie front my viewing has been slightly limited. Like I said, I've been mucking around with Supernatural for the past few weeks. I did pick up a copy of Death-Dream aka Dead of Night. A movie about this guy who dies in NAM...but then...somehow...comes home. It was interesting... slow, but kinda creepy at times. Otherwise, I like my zombies more traditionally brain dead.

In this movie the zombie can drive.

O and I'm saving up to get my hands on Resident Evil 5. It's gonna cost me fucken 200 bucks to order the damn game into Fiji. I hope I can trust the reviews. But it is Resident Evil...and you pretty much can't go wrong with it. Unless you count Code Veronika and the horrible RE: Saviour series.

If anyone out there wants to buy me a copy of Resident Evil 5 (PAL) for me 350... I'll let you come over and play when the zombie holocaust breaks out.

Plus my mum cooks a mean curry... think about it.

As far as reading goes... I've been mucking around looking for any thing new on Batman's death. Walking Dead is still keeping me thrilled. Plus I've got a few 'new' Asimov's that I found at a local book sale.

But tonight I'm going to spend sometime going through the new one from my hero Ben Templesmith called Welcome to Hoxford. I love everything this artist has done... from his mad vampires in 30 days of night... to the latest Dead Space stuff he did for one of my fav 360 titles from EA.

I heard Hoxford is about werewolves running an asylum; sounds like a bloody good time to me.

Think ill also check on what's new with Wormwood.

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