Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dr. Ivan Brodsky

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Done for this.

The challenge was to re-envision this chracter called Dr. Ivan Brodsky, who has like this abnormally large head and can see into your soul! The guy also works as a doctor at an asylum, were he treats cases that often have a supernatural flare to them.

What inspired me was this one line on the forums challenge that said something about updating the chracter into something a 21st century audience would take seriously.

Well at the moment I've been in a really Dead Space-ish sorta Event horizon mood i.e. sci fi- horror. Hence the look of my doctor. I'd love to see a new sci-fi horror/ paranormal comic book.

Something that involves old world horrors being tackled by high tech gear. Like in the Ghostbusters!!

That's a soul scanner his holding by the way, it...scans peoples souls...reading for shizz like possession or other demonic stuff.

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