Monday, May 18, 2009

Condemned 2 is f**king scary

My girl friend is away for a few nights, which means... that I can watch 28 Days Later as many times as I like. It also means that I can spend a few extra hours on the 360.

So I rented my self a copy of Condemned 2: Blood Shot.

I played the first Condemned game a few years back, and sadly I didn't think too much of it. I know that now the first game has a huge following, but it just didn't click with me at the time. Being home alone... I was looking for a game to fiddle around with, so I decided to give the sequel a try. So I got home and loaded this baby up. I then noticed that the game was made by Monolith, who were the same happy people that brought us another cool game called FEAR... and its sequels. So I knew I was in for something interesting.

... Fuck man.

Talk about a gaming experience.

What the fuck is this thing meant to be?

If there's one thing that I love more than a good game, is a good game that can scare the shit out of me.

And I've played pretty much all the horror titles that would be worth playing. Like all the Resident evil games...

No... wait.

I didn't play that damn one where you play like... one of nine or ten people... in like a city, I think it was online. And I didn't play the second Resident Evil Survivor, cause the first one was terrible.

I've played all the Silent Hills... wait... except the 'Homecoming' one. Played Dead Space... I fucken love Dead Space. Played Doom3...

I think you get the picture.

A dead baby doll, who the hell plays with something like that?

But Condemned 2... 3 hours into it and I didn't want to go on. Not because it was a shit game, but because it was stressing me out. I can't remember the last time a game has poked and tore through my nerves like this game did. This game is so damn scary...

Most of the time when Iplay a horror game... I catch my self going "Shit son... that's so fucking cool!"

Like when you're watching a Zombie movie. I just can't see them too much as horror movies anymore, only because they have become so much fun for me to watch. Sometimes I cheer at head shots... or other times I exclaim "Shit son"

But Condemned 2 is like the Exorcist... it's just creepy. It tries to fuck with your head at a level that you can't hide underneath a blanket. It has the kind of 'scary/ messed up factor' that I felt in the first Silent Hill. Cool ideas hacked up and turned into a new kind of scare.

(one sec... my stuffed Alf is creeping me out)

It starts off simple enough... you beat up a few bums(Yeah bums) to learn the basics of hand to hand combat. Then you spot this old guy that you know... I'm assuming his from part one.

He runs off... you chase him... and bad shit follows.

When this game starts the thrills... it dunna let up.

I know I've kinda gotten to this game a bit late... but graphics wise it still works. But what does it, is the mad/ creepy atmosphere. The dark, dying city around you makes you feel like you're inside some kind of rotting dead animal. The sound is awesome too.

The whole thing is also very cinematic, and sets up the scares and the mind fucks very well. It's also played through in first person, which allows for some cool combat moves that reminded me of Riddicks Butcher Bay happy fun time Adventure.

I don't really want to get to any kind of 'review' of this game. If your a fan of horror games, chances are you've played this baby already. But if you haven't, it's definitely worth picking up.

I found a really cool review of the game here... do give it a read.

Edit: The scary factor of the game faded out about half way through... and it becomes less of a challenge once you've mastered the combos. Plus the ending was a huge let down... sequenced button mashing isn't fun during boss fights.

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