Sunday, May 3, 2009

Same drug... better version?

If you've spent enough time going through this blog, you'd know that I am a huge game whore for Dead Space. But if there is one other game that ripped and tore up most of my time (aside from World of Warcraft... that evil monster) it would be Capcom's Dead Rising.

When I picked up Dead Rising and started playing... it was total bliss. A whole zombie apocalypse... in the palm of my hands. Um... on my TV!!

Dead Rising puts the player smack in the middle of a Zombie infested mall, where our 'hero' has to survive for 72 hours while waiting for a helicopter pick up. The coolest thing about the game is that you just have to survive, and that means using what ever you can find to hit, smack up and smash the shit out of zombies.

Dead Rising 2

You also get to meet a whole lot of colorful characters along the way... and help them get to a safe house or watch them die trying. The games you so many options in terms of weapons, clothing, play style ... that it totally feels like a huge unique package. All the areas are done in a clever way that it gives you a scene of this huge world... all the while trapped inside the mall. Except if you unlock day 4, then you get to muck around the sewers and fight a tank!

Well... why the hell am I going on about this game that I've blogged about before?

Cause they got part 2 coming out soon!

And it's set in Fortune City which looks a hella lot like Vegas! and it promises a whole shit load of new things that will make part one look like a walk in the park.

Check out this trailer... it rocks so hard!

If I don't play this game my brain will have a fucking aneurysm!

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